LGBTQI coalition gears up in eastern Caribbean

LGBTQI coalition gears up in eastern Caribbean

A new coalition of LGBTQI organizations in the eastern Caribbean is setting its sights on improving the lives of the region’s sexual minorities. The Eastern Caribbean Alliance for Diversity and Equality Inc. (ECADE), which was launched late last year, issued this update: Continue reading


Caribbean nations inch their way toward LGBTI rights

Several Caribbean countries with laws against same-sex intimacy are at least discussing the possibility of repealing them. In Belize and Jamaica, those laws are being challenged in court. In Guyana, the prime minister talks about repealing them. In Dominica, the prime minister says they’re not enforced. But sexual minorities suffer from intense social stigma in … Continue reading


Lawyers, activists target anti-LGBT bias in Caribbean

Attorneys and activists met this week in Grenada to discuss strategy for litigation and advocacy seeking an end to anti-LGBT discrimination in countries in the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS). This is a press release from United and Strong Inc., Saint Lucia, and GrenCHAP, Grenada, describing the work: Is litigation around the criminalisation and … Continue reading

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IDAHOT anti-hate campaign: Even in 20 anti-gay nations

LGBT rights activists and supporters — even those in 20 nations where homosexuality is illegal — will celebrate International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHOT) on Saturday, May 17. The day is billed as a worldwide celebration of sexual and gender diversity. Erasing 76 Crimes has been tracking IDAHOT activities in  nations where LGBT activities … Continue reading

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Letter to Pope: Halt church support of anti-gay violence

Human Rights Watch has challenged Pope Francis to speak more directly in opposition to  violence and discrimination against LGBT people worldwide and to ensure that other Catholic officials do so too. In a letter to the Holy See on Oct. 16, HRW praised church teachings that uphold human dignity for all, but added that “too … Continue reading

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Impoverished, Jamaica still rejects gay tourism dollars

Jamaica was recently selected to chair the United Nations World Tourism Organization. Ironically, our homophobic laws and practices cuts the country off from a very lucrative segment of global tourism, namely gay travelers. Together, the estimated spending power of this group is about US$140 billion annually. Just a portion of that sum could effectively eliminate … Continue reading