Uganda activists fear harsh HIV law will boost AIDS

Mandatory HIV testing, mandatory HIV disclosure and criminalization are among the features of the HIV/AIDS Prevention and Management Bill that is heading to Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni for his approval. If enacted, the bill’s hard-line approach would make it more challenging to halt the AIDS epidemic in Uganda, because it would discourage HIV-positive people from getting … Continue reading

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Boycotters: UN defers to Russia as HIV deaths soar

In a harshly worded protest letter, 21 anti-AIDS groups announced they will boycott a key U.N.-cosponsored conference in Moscow because the U.N.’s anti-AIDS agency has accepted Russia’s exclusion of gays and others – a stance that has led to an increase in HIV infections. Civil society groups and networks at the international, regional and national … Continue reading


Francophone countries in West-Central Africa ‘left behind’ by the AIDS revolution

In Montpellier, France, from April 27 to 30, scientists and doctors are meeting at the International francophone conference on HIV and Hepatitis (AFRAVIH).  Doctors Without Borders – Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) the Nobel Prize winning international humanitarian medical organization is there and speaking out.  MSF has issued a statement about the lack of progress in … Continue reading


For lover’s sake, gay man spent years in Cameroon prison

(Disponible en français) Diderot Atsafack, a 25-year-old gay man, has paid the equivalent of US$470 to regain his liberty after spending two and a half years in a Cameroonian prison on  homosexuality-related charges, attorney Michel Togué reports. Atsafack was arrested in Oct. 17, 2011, in large part because he refused to reveal his sexual orientation and … Continue reading

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Défence des droits et des vies LGBTI francophones en Afrique

Publié le 27 Juillet, 2014 (also published in English) par Albert Ogle Rédaction en français par Mike Nicholson et Denis LeBlanc Dans la rubrique RGOD2, qui est apparu d’abord au  San Diego Gay & Lesbian News, le chanoine Albert Ogle discute: Les défis de l’apprentissage de la langue française, Le meurtre du journaliste-militant francophone Éric … Continue reading