A gathering of LGBT-friendly faithful from 10 W. African nations
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A gathering of LGBT-friendly faithful from 10 W. African nations

The goal: “a space in West Africa where persons from diverse faiths, cultures, class and sexual orientations can convene, work with faith leaders and communities to create a world in which everyone enjoys all human rights irrespective of class, religious belief, culture and sexual orientation.”  Late last month, West Africa moved a step closer to … Continue reading

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New W. African interfaith group fights anti-LGBTI bias

Progressive faith leaders and activists from West Africa have joined forces to work to end anti-LGBTI bias in the region and seek “a world governed by respect and dignity.” The new Interfaith Diversity Network of West Africa (IDNoWA) includes members from Nigeria, Togo, Ivory Coast, Ghana and Liberia. The network’s founder and co-chair is Anglo-Nigerian … Continue reading

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Dissent weakens anti-gay coalition in Anglican Communion

Cracks are showing in the formerly united front of anti-gay Anglicans who oppose steps toward acceptance of LGBTI people within the Anglican Communion of churches descended from the Church of England. Kenyan members of a high-level Anglican Communion council have reportedly rejected an appeal to boycott a council meeting in Zambia on the grounds that … Continue reading

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Plea to Ugandan archbishop: Love your LGBT neighbor

Nigerian Christian Davis Mac-Iyalla, the founder of Changing Attitude Nigeria, pleads for compassion toward LGBTI Christians in this open letter to Stanley Ntagali, the anti-gay archbishop of Uganda: To: COUOffice@gmail.com Subject: LGBT members of the Anglican Communion share full membership as baptised members of the Body of Christ. The Anglican Church of Uganda giving its … Continue reading

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Archbishop: Give homophobes ‘time to deal with’ LGBTI issues

The Washington Blade reported today: An African archbishop on Thursday specifically discussed homosexuality during a Vatican press conference. Vatican Radio reported that Archbishop Charles Palmer-Buckle of Archdiocese of Accra [in Ghana] said countries need “time to deal with” homosexuality and other “issues from our own cultural perspectives.” He also highlighted the need for “the dignity … Continue reading

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Anglicans’ LGBTI schism: Archbishop’s realism or bad idea?

The 80-million-member Anglican Communion of churches that are descended from the Church of England has been divided for more than a decade into mutually hostile anti-gay and gay-friendly churches. Now, according to the communion’s spiritual leader, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, it’s time to put an end to the pretense that the rigidly anti-homosexuality Anglican … Continue reading

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LGBTI Catholics in West Africa seek compassion, change

Many LGBTI Catholics in West Africa remain faithful to the church, despite exclusion, homophobia and discrimination, Anglo-Nigerian gay activist Davis Mac-Iyalla reported after a fact-finding trip there. But the church has driven out some of its LGBTI flock, and all of them ask the church to treat them in a more Christian manner. Currently touring … Continue reading

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U.S. church plans support for LGBT-friendly Africans

A group of Christians in the United States is preparing to chart a new course in relations with their African counterparts. Rather than the type of conservative anti-gay evangelical preaching that in the past has encouraged so much repression and hatred for LGBT Africans, the generally progressive, LGBT-friendly Episcopal Church is moving toward fortifying a … Continue reading


Nigerian challenger: Vote for me; I too oppose gay marriage

Anti-gay politics continued this week in Nigeria, as the presidential campaign of Muhammadu Buhari denied his opponent’s accusation that Buhari struck a deal with Western nations to repeal Nigeria’s new anti-gay law in exchange for supporting his campaign to unseat President Goodluck Jonathan. “There is no relationship between General Buhari and any western nation concerning gay … Continue reading