Faith and religion

Support for gay-friendly Ugandan bishop — needed?

Supporters of gay-friendly Ugandan Bishop Christopher Senyonjo are campaigning for the praiseworthy goal of keeping him out of a Ugandan prison, but it’s not clear that any of his work with LGBT Ugandans actually violates the country’s new anti-gay law. Senyonjo, 82, has previously been honored as grand marshal of the San Francisco pride parade … Continue reading

Commentary / Faith and religion

Strategy: Let’s stop simply preaching to the gay choir

Excerpt from a commentary by the Rev. Canon Albert Ogle in Yaounde, Cameroon: There are three of us visiting Cameroon this week as part of an invited delegation to support a local LGBT AIDS organization called CAMFAIDS. Their executive director, Eric Lembembe, was brutally murdered last summer and the gay media spyglass or our straight … Continue reading


Here we go again: Uganda tabloid lists alleged gays

The Ugandan tabloid Red Pepper has returned to a vicious, irresponsible journalistic practice that preceded the murder of gay activist David Kato — publication of names of people who are allegedly homosexual. This past weekend, the tabloid Red Pepper published names of people who it alleges “recruit” others into homosexuality.  The front page of the … Continue reading