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Jamaica: Fear of gays as silly as fearing kangaroo invasion

Excerpts from a commentary by Michael Abrahams — gynecologist, obstetrician, comedian and poet — about the Sept. 27 anti-LGBT rally held in connection with British Prime Minister David Cameron’s recent visit to Jamaica. The commentary was published in the Jamaica Gleaner. Misplaced priorities and the anti-gay agenda … When one objectively examines the issues adversely … Continue reading


Protesting Jamaicans fear UK leader will push LGBTI rights

Two Jamaican groups opposing LGBTI rights protested yesterday’s arrival of visiting British Prime Minister David Cameron. The protest was a missing opportunity, said LGBTI rights activist Maurice Tomlinson.  He argued that the protesters’ fears about sexuality led them to ignore a high-priority issue: pushing Cameron to help Jamaica recover from past injustices imposed on it … Continue reading


Activists to U.K.: Fight harder vs. global LGBT persecution

British activists today urged the new Conservative government of the United Kingdom to step up efforts to end persecution of LGBT people worldwide. The Human Dignity Trust, which works to challenge anti-gay laws in countries where homosexual activity is illegal, issued 10 recommendations for pursuing the goal of a world without anti-LGBT bias, especially in … Continue reading

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Why do activists reject Russian LGBT strategy for Olympics?

WHOSE STRATEGY WILL PREVAIL: LOCALS’ OR FOREIGNERS’ Six months before the scheduled start of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, opponents of Russia’s crackdown on LGBT people find themselves sharply divided over how to proceed. Boycott the Sochi games?  Move the games elsewhere? Or do what many Russian LGBT activists propose — take part in … Continue reading


Sierra Leone: Spat upon, I still became an LGBT activist

Mohamed S. Kamara of Sierra Leone, currently living outside the country, describes the difficulties of LGBT rights advocacy in his homeland: In Sierra Leone, few are brave enough to advocate for gay rights, which would expose them to persecutions, threats, attacks, provocations and ridicule. My work and activities with different local and international organisations had … Continue reading

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GOP: 76 countries’ anti-gay laws are OK

The Republican Party wants the United States to stop pushing for repeal of 76 countries’ laws that make homosexuality a crime. In its newly unveiled 2012 party platform, the GOP criticizes the Obama administration for its warnings that U.S. foreign aid might be curtailed to countries that throw gays, lesbians, and bisexuals in jail for … Continue reading


Damning LGBT report on Zimbabwe, plus a call for change

First of four articles about the treatment of LGBTIs in Zimbabwe. LGBTI activists in Zimbabwe have compiled a damning report on the country’s repression of gays and lesbians. In its newly released “Violations Report” for last year, Gays and Lesbians of Zimbabwe, or GALZ, discusses the oppressive environment created by Zimbabwe’s laws, constitutional reform process, … Continue reading

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Anti-gay Zimbabwe politicians blast ‘Satanic’ Obama

In Zimbabwe, where homosexual activities can land a person in prison for a year, members of the ruling Zanu-PF party reacted to President Obama’s newly announced support for gay marriage with violent criticism. “Obama should be condemned as not fit to rule,” said Chief Fortune Charumbira, president of the Chiefs Council of Zimbabwe and a … Continue reading