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2 failures: Priest, witch doctor try to ‘cure’ gay man

By Mike Daemon In Nigeria, many parents and families are still ignorant about the subject of homosexuality and still hold strongly to the belief that homosexuality is unnatural, an illness, a choice or a sin and thus something that should — and can — be cured. Our conversation with a gay 21-year-old Nigerian graduate, who … Continue reading


Scientists: No choice on being gay, no gay recruitment

The mistaken belief that sexual orientation is a choice — instead of a fixed aspect of a person’s identity — underpins the anti-gay laws in Uganda, Nigeria and many others among the 76-plus countries with anti-homosexuality statutes. That faulty thinking is challenged by scientific evidence about the nature of homosexuality, summarized by Dr. Chris Beyrer … Continue reading

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Plea for Jamaican LGBT rights now that ‘gay cure’ lie is past

Jamaican LGBT activist Angeline Jackson contributed this commentary about Exodus International and Jamaica’s anti-gay movement.  Jackson is convenor of Quality of Citizenship Jamaica , which works with both young and aging lesbians, bisexuals, and other women who have sex with women. Editing is by Hilaire Sobers and Colin Stewart. For almost 40 years Exodus International lied … Continue reading

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Worldwide damage: What Exodus knew and kept lying about

For nearly 40 years, the world’s leading “ex-gay” group, Exodus International claimed it could cure people of homosexuality. This week, the group admitted defeat, apologized for the harm it caused by spurring homophobia globally (including through its Jamaican affiliates, WIRED and the Jamaica Coalition for a Healthy Society (JCHS)) and closed down. This is hardly … Continue reading

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Worthless at best, ‘ex-gay’ programs gain ground

New ‘ex-gay’ therapy programs are popping up, despite scientific consensus that they don’t work and often are harmful. The world is gaining new projects aimed at turning gays straight, despite a broad consensus in the scientific and medical communities that such efforts are worthless at best and often are emotionally damaging to people who turn … Continue reading


Scientifiques : Aucun choix d’être gay, aucun recrutement gay

Publié le 4 mai 2014 Par Colin Stewart, rédaction en français par Denis LeBlanc. (Also published in English) La croyance erronée que l’orientation sexuelle est un choix, au lieu d’un aspect fixe de l’identité d’une personne, soutiens les lois anti-homosexuelles en Ouganda, au Nigeria et à bien d’autres parmi les 76 et plus pays avec … Continue reading