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Africa’s most and least homophobic countries

Most tolerant countries The Afrobarometer network, which conducts public opinion surveys in Africa, recently listed the continent’s most and least homophobic countries. In these four African countries, the majority of residents say they would welcome or would not be bothered having a homosexual neighbor: Cape Verde, 74%. South Africa, 69%. Mozambique, 56%. Namibia, 55%. Least … Continue reading


On TV today: Upbeat view of LGBT-friendly African isle

The upbeat, groundbreaking LGBT-focused documentary film “Tchindas” will be shown on PBS in the United States today (Feb. 1).  It will appear on the show “AfroPop,” starting at 8 p.m. in many places; check your local station for the specific local schedule. After first seeing “Tchindas” last summer, I published the article “On African island, … Continue reading


Q&A about ‘Tchindas,’ a ‘new frontier of trans films’

“A community working together to make something beautiful out of nothing” is the description that directors Marc Serena and Pablo García Pérez de Lara give of the subject of their film “Tchindas,” which will have its premiere on Wednesday, July 15, at the LGBT film festival Outfest in Los Angeles. Serena and García answered questions about … Continue reading