Anti-LGBT nations seek to end U.N. advocacy of LGBT rights

Anti-LGBT nations seek to end U.N. advocacy of LGBT rights

A confrontation over LGBT rights is expected to come to a head tomorrow at the United Nations. [Editor’s note: That scheduled vote has been delayed. See: “Opposition and delay confront anti-LGBT push at U.N.”] At issue is last June’s vote by the U.N. Human Rights Council to hire a watchdog to investigate violations of LGBT rights. … Continue reading

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Russia: 2 arrests for ‘Love Wins’ sign at Orlando memorial

Following up on earlier coverage by BuzzFeed, the Washington Post reports: Gay couple arrested in Moscow for trying to leave ‘Love Wins’ sign at Orlando memorial Islam Abdullabeckov and his boyfriend Felix Glyukman were in their Moscow apartment Sunday afternoon when they saw reports of the mass shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando. They … Continue reading


No jail for inciting, then publicizing botched Egyptian raid

BuzzFeed reports: A Cairo appeals court overturned a judgement [last week] against Egyptian broadcaster in a defamation case brought for her role in publicizing the arrest of 26 men on charges of homosexuality from a bath house in December 2014, local media reported. The broadcaster, named Mona Iraqi, featured the bathhouse in a television program … Continue reading

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Egypt: new arrests; sentence reduced; German MP speaks out

Trans woman arrested. BuzzFeed reported that Cairo police arrested a 25-year old trans woman and her roommate on Sunday, December 28th.  As usual, local media is sensationalizing coverage with this case.  Police told local media that Malooka Aldlouah’s videos, posted on YouTube, were “hardcore” and advertised “sadistic sex.” However, her many videos posted to Facebook … Continue reading

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Facebook will have blood on its hands if it demands real names

COMMENTARY I don’t believe Facebook’s insistence that  it’s sticking with its supposed policy of requiring users to give their real names. In violently homophobic countries, such a policy would be devastating for LGBTI people, but it’s not actually in force there. Many LGBTI people can only use Facebook under assumed names, and that’s what they … Continue reading