Thousands in Gambian anti-gay protest

We re-publish here the un-edited news story  by the Banjul-based Gambia Observer published on December 10th, International Human Rights Day, so that you may read for yourselves the manner in which this kind of information is conveyed to Gambians.   This government-backed demonstration, to distract Gambians from their real problems, was attended by President Jammeh, included the reading … Continue reading

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Gambia must stop wave of homophobic arrests and torture

Editor’s Note: Amnesty International issued this important news release on the Gambia on 18 November 2014.  We republish a very slightly edited version here.  The unedited news release may be viewed here. By Amnesty International Press Office in London, UK. The arrest, detention and torture of eight people since the beginning of the month as part … Continue reading


Cameroon tally of repression on Human Rights Day

Organizations fighting homophobia issued a grim tally of this year’s repression in Cameroon, even as the world marks International Human Rights Day on Dec. 10: 16 arrests on the basis of people’s sexual orientation/gender identity, including five young women and 11 young men. The arrests occurred throughout the country: in Douala (two women), Limbe (one … Continue reading


Dancing in Gambia: 18 gays, 2 lesbians face felony charges

Prosecutors in the Gambian capital, Banjul, have brought new, more severe criminal charges against 20 people who were arrested and accused of putting on an indecent dance ceremony for tourists on April 6, including men dressed as women, Associated Press reported. The previous charge had been “indecent practices.” The new charge is “unnatural offenses,” which … Continue reading