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6 Tunisians freed while appealing sodomy verdict

The Court of Appeals in Sousse, Tunisia, today  released six students pending action on the appeal of their three-year prison sentences for sodomy. A hearing on the appeal is scheduled for Feb. 25. Shams, an LGBTI rights group seeking the decriminalization of homosexuality in Tunisia, announced the decision on its Facebook page. The young men, … Continue reading


Cameroon: 7 detainees win their release

Seven LGBT people who were arrested Oct. 1 on homosexuality-related charges have been released in Cameroon. All had faced charges of homosexuality and prostitution, including four who were released today and three released previously. The anti-AIDS, pro-human rights group Camfaids announced the release. Camfaids said that the LGBT detainees expressed their thanks to their attorneys, … Continue reading


Quick response to new anti-gay persecution in Cameroon

By Erin Royal Brokovitch The LGBTI community in Yaoundé responded quickly last week to the news that it has again become the target of persecution by law enforcement. Starting immediately, Cameroonian activists began working to keep seven detainees out of Yaoundé’s central prison, a location that can be especially hazardous for LGBTI inmates. The case … Continue reading


Court overturns 5-year sentence for gay sex in Cameroon

Two young men in Cameroon were found not guilty today, overturning their previous sentence to five years in prison for homosexuality. Stephane N. Koche, project manager for PAEMH (Project for the Support and Assistance of Sexual Minorities), reports: Franky and Jonas, the two young men who were arrested, detained and sentenced to five years in … Continue reading


Au Cameroun, 7 détenus ont été libérés

Publié le 8 octobre 2014 Sept personnes arrêtées pour des infractions liées à l’homosexualité le 1 octobre ont été libérées au Cameroun. Quatre détenus accusés d’homosexualité, de proxénétisme, et de prostitution ont été libérés aujourd’hui (le 8 octobre). Trois autres, qui aussi ont été arrêtés le 1 octobre, ont été libérés précédemment. CAMFAIDS, une association … Continue reading


Haro sur les nouvelles persécutions au Cameroun

Publié le 6 octobre 2014 L’alerte généralisée est sonnée pour obtenir la libération des détenus de Kondengui Auteur : Erin Royal Brokovitch Depuis quelques jours, la communauté LGBT Camerounaise, et particulièrement celle de Yaoundé, vit à nouveau le traumatisme de la persécution orchestrée par les forces de maintien de l’ordre. C’est à un véritable branle-bas … Continue reading