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Uganda kids ask: Why do Christians cheer over jail for gays?

How can a parent explain anti-gay hatred to a child? Stella Nyanzi — a Ugandan anthropologist, social science researcher and mother — writes here about her children’s puzzlement over why so many people were celebrating the passage of the country’s Anti-Homosexuality Act in a parade and public gathering on March 31. (Nyanzi photographed the anti-gay … Continue reading

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The rotten roots of Uganda’s anti-gay celebration

LGBT rights activists in Uganda were rattled by the display of widespread anti-gay sentiment and the ill-informed homophobic speech given by President Yoweri Museveni during today’s Parade and Thanksgiving Celebration for the enactment of the country’s harsh new Anti-Homosexuality Act. In his speech, Museveni disregarded the broad scientific consensus that homosexuality is a natural phenomenon, … Continue reading


WRONG: Uganda moves slowly on anti-gay law

CORRECTION: The Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality Act was published (“gazetted”) on March 10, which is contrary to what this article reported  on March 22. The newly italicized portions of this article turned out to be incorrect. — Editor, April 2014] Ugandan supporters of LGBT rights have clarified the status of the country’s new Anti-Homosexuality Act, [which has … Continue reading


LGBT Ugandans: Here’s how you can help us

Ugandan supporters of human rights, including LGBT rights, have published  guidelines for their local and international allies on how best to fight against the country’s new Anti-Homosexuality Law. Travel advisories; advocacy by celebrities, businesses and churches;  strategically targeted aid cuts, but not general aid cuts, are among the actions endorsed by the Civil Society Coalition … Continue reading


Uganda opposition takes aim at anti-gay law

Agence France-Presse reports from Kampala, Uganda: Ugandan opposition leader Kizza Besigye on Wednesday [Feb. 26] criticised tough new anti-gay laws, saying that homosexuality was not “foreign” and that the issue was being used to divert attention from domestic problems. “Homosexuality is as Ugandan as any other behaviour, it has nothing to do with the foreigners,” … Continue reading


Ugandan advisers falsified report to boost anti-gay bill

Anti-gay advisers to Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni tampered with a report that Ugandan scientists prepared for him as he deliberated about whether to sign the harsh Anti-Homosexuality Bill. Museveni had asked for a panel of experts to advise him on whether homosexuality is fixed at birth or is learned behavior that can be chosen. “The … Continue reading