Anti-‘gay propaganda’ bill is back in Kyrgyzstan

A proposal for a Russian-style anti-“gay propaganda” law in the former Soviet republic of Kyrgyzstan is back in the Kyrgyz parliament. Reporter Anna Lelik, writing for EurasiaNet, sees some reasons for optimism in the latest developments. However, continued inaction on the homophobic bill would have been more encouraging. [Note for non-British readers: The online Free … Continue reading


Video experiment reveals Russia’s violent homophobia

In a “social experiment” to see whether Russian citizens behave as badly  toward gay men as their reputation suggests, a video cameraman for  ChebuRussiaTV secretly filmed two men walking through Moscow holding hands. The result: Russian passersby went out of their way to insult and assault the pair.  “Leave Russia,” one man shouted. Twice, threatening … Continue reading


Moscow police shut down LGBT photo exhibits

Police in Moscow continue their harassment of LGBTI activists, allegedly as a means of enforcing the Russian law against positive depictions of homosexuality in the presence of minors, but actually targeting exhibits where minors are excluded.  Below are modestly edited excerpts from Queerussia’s coverage of the police disruption of the “Be Yourself” exhibition: “Be Yourself” … Continue reading

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Anti-‘gay propaganda’ bill blocked in Kazakhstan

Opponents of human rights for LGBTI people in Kazakhstan suffered a setback last week, as the nation’s Constitutional Council blocked enactment of a Russian-style anti-“gay propaganda” bill. The council announced on May 26 that it rejected the bill last week on the grounds that it contained “vague and ambiguous definitions and terms.” Last August, the … Continue reading