Anglican leaders oppose anti-gay laws; let’s repeal them
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Anglican leaders oppose anti-gay laws; let’s repeal them

  A year ago something remarkable happened in the Global Anglican Communion (GAC), but most persons missed it, even senior Anglican clergy.  This miraculous event occurred on Jan. 15, 2016, when the Primates representing all the Provinces in the 80 million+ denomination agreed, for the first time, that criminalizing same-gender intimacy is wrong. Continue reading

Be brave, Anglicans; oppose Jamaica’s anti-gay law
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Be brave, Anglicans; oppose Jamaica’s anti-gay law

It’s high time for Anglican bishops, priests and lay people in Jamaica to pluck up enough courage and compassion to support the decriminalisation of gay Jamaicans, says the Rev. Colin Coward, founder of the Anglican LGBTI advocacy group Changing Attitude. After attending Montego Bay Pride in Jamaica last month, Coward reflected on the shared history … Continue reading

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Marriage equality: Canadian church has it, will get more

Jamaican activist Maurice Tomlinson, whose same-sex marriage in Canada in 2011 forced him to flee Jamaica to become a Canadian resident, welcomes the acceptance of marriage equality by a large majority of members of the Anglican Church of Canada. At first, it seemed as though yesterday’s vote to establish full marriage equality throughout the Canadian … Continue reading

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Easter 2016: A prayer for all LGBT prisoners

An Easter message for 2016 Easter 2016 — a time when the Anglican Church of Nigeria refuses even to attend a meeting attended by a few representatives of the inclusive Episcopal Church for fears that, if they did, they would be in the midst of “a well-prepared camp of recruitment, blackmail, indoctrination and toxic relationship.” … Continue reading