Quick response to new anti-gay persecution in Cameroon

By Erin Royal Brokovitch The LGBTI community in Yaoundé responded quickly last week to the news that it has again become the target of persecution by law enforcement. Starting immediately, Cameroonian activists began working to keep seven detainees out of Yaoundé’s central prison, a location that can be especially hazardous for LGBTI inmates. The case … Continue reading


A visit to prisoners held on ‘suspicion of homosexuality’

In The Nation,  journalist Andy Kopsa reports on her trip last month to Cameroon with an American and African delegation from the St. Paul’s Foundation for International Reconciliation. Some excerpts: 20+ imprisoned for being gay The daily tally of prisoners in Yaoundé Central Prison, on the outskirts of Yaoundé, Cameroon, is on a chalkboard the … Continue reading


Cameroon police free accused gay-bashing blackmailer

Police in Cameroon have freed an anti-gay blackmailer, despite testimony from numerous victims that he ambushed, assaulted and threatened them. That is the complaint made today in a public statement by Alternatives-Cameroon, which fights against AIDS and advocates for human rights for LGBT people in coastal Cameroon. Shortly after his release, with no charges against … Continue reading


Cameroon appeal: Concrete steps to fight anti-gay violence

Cameroon should combat recent outbreaks of anti-gay violence, starting by taking a public stand on the issue during next month’s United Nations review of the country’s human rights record, according to 12 local and international human rights groups who made that request in an open letter to President Paul Biya on Sept. 11. “The Cameroonian … Continue reading