Basis for anti-gay laws: Greed, not morality
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Basis for anti-gay laws: Greed, not morality

Greed, not morality, was at the root of England’s original 1553 anti-homosexuality law, which has spawned similar laws in dozens of former British colonies. The Rt. Rev. Alan Wilson made that point during October’s Intimate Conviction conference in Jamaica. Continue reading

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Canterbury rally to Anglican leaders: Listen to LGBTI people

African LGBTI activists, church members and their supporters are organizing a trip to Canterbury, England, tomorrow to deliver a message to Anglican Church leaders who are meeting there: Africans urge Anglican primates to listen to LGBTI people Date: Friday 15/01/2016 Time : 1pm-2:30pm Venue: Canterbury Cathedral Cathedral House 11 The Precincts Canterbury CT1 2EH United … Continue reading