Jamaican Supreme Court stacks the deck against LGBT rights

The Jamaican Supreme Court dealt a setback last week to the lawsuit seeking to overturn Jamaica’s anti-LGBT sodomy law, blocking Jamaica’s LGBT-friendly Public Defender from participating in the suit, but opening it to nine conservative Christian groups. This press release from the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network makes the situation clear: Jamaican Supreme Court admits religious … Continue reading


Jamaica today: Challenging homophobic TV stations

The Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network reports: This morning, the Jamaican Court of Appeal will begin hearing a precedent-setting appeal by Maurice Tomlinson, Jamaican human rights activist and a senior policy analyst at the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network, challenging national television stations that refused to air a “tolerance ad” promoting the human rights of LGBTI people. … Continue reading

Americas / Commentary

Jamaica: Inching towards legal equality

In Jamaica, government employees have more protection from discrimination than the general public whom they serve. In 2004, the Staff Orders for the Jamaican Civil Service (which have the force of law) were revised.  Quietly and without fanfare, this update from the 1976 document expanded the protections of public servants to include the right to … Continue reading

Americas / Faith and religion

Jamaica: Christians as victims if no law to imprison gays?

Anti-gay church leaders in Jamaica claim they will be the victims if Jamaican courts overturn the law that provides for up to 10 years in prison for male-male sexual relations. In promoting an anti-gay march on June 23, they imagine a domino effect of victimization of Christians and Christian principles if the Jamaican buggery law … Continue reading