Court to rule on limiting East Africa’s anti-gay laws

Lawyers seeking recognition of the human rights of LGBTI people are scheduled to learn on Sept. 27 whether the Tanzania-based East African Court will take a stand for LGBTI rights by ruling that anti-gay laws such as the Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality Act are unacceptable throughout East Africa. In its East African legal challenge to the Anti-Homosexuality … Continue reading

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Appeal to Uganda: Stop break-ins that target advocates

Thirty-one international human rights organizations have written to Uganda’s Inspector General of Police, calling for an end to the passive police response to a series of recent break-ins and one murder at Ugandan advocacy organizations. The non-governmental organizations urged police to conduct a thorough investigation leading to prosecution of the people involved in the crimes. … Continue reading


Uganda OKs bill that allows repression of activist groups

The Ugandan parliament unanimously passed a bill late Nov. 26 that would give the government broad powers to disband any nongovernmental organization that it considered contrary to the public interest or “contrary to the dignity of the people of Uganda.” Leaders of any organization operating without government approval could be imprisoned for up to eight … Continue reading


Acquittal, but bad news, in Uganda consensual sex case

Contrary to earlier impressions, no helpful precedent was set by the Sept. 8 acquittal of Ugandan sports celebrity Chris Mubiru in a case involving consensual same-sex relations, a new legal analysis concludes. Mubiru’s acquittal was accompanied by his conviction on Sept. 8 for forced sodomy, which seemed to suggest that Ugandan courts in the future … Continue reading


7 years of delay stymie Ugandan anti-bias lawsuit

Uganda’s Constitutional Court has once again failed to act on a challenge to the law that prevents the country’s Equal Opportunities Commission from fulfilling its responsibility for protecting marginalized people from discrimination. That law prohibits the commission from acting on behalf of the most marginalized Ugandans, those who behave in ways that the Ugandan majority … Continue reading