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To avoid the army, gay Iranians must carry ‘gay’ ID cards

Gay and trans Iranians must make an excruciating choice on reaching age 18 — join the army, where they encounter intense homophobia and sometimes rape, or submit to an intense invasion of their privacy in order to qualify for an exemption from military service on the grounds of being gay or transgender. If they qualify, … Continue reading

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Iran rejects U.N. plea to stop abuse of LGBTI youths

By Jack Flanagan Iran has rejected a series of proposals that the country stop abusing LGBTI youths. The proposals, released Feb. 4 by the U.N. Committee on the Rights of the Child, were discussed during a January meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, between committee members and Iranian delegates. According to 6rang, an Iranian lesbian and transgender … Continue reading

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11 nations blast Iran’s record on LGBTI rights

Iran’s mistreatment of its LGBTI citizens came in for intense criticism during a recent United Nations review. Among a total of 291 recommendations made to the Iranian government during the Oct. 31 review of the country’s human rights record — called a Universal Periodic Review (UPR) — 11 recommendations focused on the rights of sexual … Continue reading

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Iran data show growing coercion of LGBT sex changes

Iran’s coercive advocacy of sex-change surgery for LGBT people has become a growing problem in recent years, says the Iranian lesbian and transgender network 6Rang, which has launched a campaign against the practice.  These timelines demonstrate the magnitude of the problem: 1973: Iranian press reports on the first case of sex reassignment surgery. 1976: Iran … Continue reading