Nigerian workshops focus on needs of female sexual minorities

Equality Hub Lagos

A session during the recently concluded Needs Assessment Workshop in Lagos. (Photo courtesy of The Equality Hub via Facebook)

The Equality Hub, a Nigerian not-for-profit organization working to advance the rights of female sexual minorities in Nigeria, is currently accepting applications to participate in a needs assessment workshop which will be held in Abuja, Nigeria.

Last month, the organization conducted a similar workshop in Lagos, which served as the first of what will be a series of workshops planned for different states in the country.

In a chat with NoStringsNG, Pamela Adie, executive director of the organization, said that the Abuja workshop, like the one in Lagos, will provide the Equality Hub insights into what the LBQ community needs.

“The needs assessment workshop is for female sexual minorities in Abuja. The aim is to understand the needs of the [LBQ] community in such a way that our programs are designed to reflect the needs of the community,” she said.


Pamela Adie, executive director of the Equality Hub. (Photo courtesy of

Adie said that the workshops are particularly important because they exclusively focus on issues affecting LBQ women. Typically, more attention has been given to the gay community, with less attention on issues affecting lesbian, bisexual, and queer women.

“Attention is mostly on gay men through HIV/AIDS intervention programs, but not enough attention is given to female sexual minorities,” Adie said.

The workshops are designed to help stakeholders identify ways to get involved with the LBQ community.

A workshop in Port Harcourt is planned for the coming weeks.

The Abuja workshop is scheduled for Saturday, November 11. The deadline for applying to participate is Saturday, November 4. To register for the workshop, click HERE.

To learn more about The Equality Hub, visit its website HERE.

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