Cameroon LGBTI center reopens; police issue summons

In Cameroon, the LGBTI advocacy group Camfaids has reopened its resource center and headquarters, which it closed for security’s sake on July 17 after a series of attacks. But Camfaids leaders immediately received a summons by the police to answer charges of  “promotion of homosexual practices.”

The anti-AIDS, pro-LGBTI rights group Camfaids issued a communiqué about the latest events, which is freely translated here:

Camfaids summoned to police station for promoting homosexual practices

Logo of Camfaids

Logo of Camfaids

Following the reopening of its headquarters and resource center after a one-week preventive closure resulting from a series of homophobic and transphobic attacks, Camfaids has received a summons to appear at the 5th district police station to answer accusations of “promoting homosexual practices.”

The persecution is getting worse!

On Friday, July 28, 2017, the neighborhood leader [representing the Yaoundé neighborhood known as Titi Garage] filed a complaint against  representatives of Camfaids, who were summoned to present themselves on Monday, July 31, 2017, at 9:30 a.m. at the 5th district police station on the grounds: “promotion of homosexual practices.” [An account of what happened at the meeting is currently unavailable.]

Several Camfaids staff and beneficiaries have recently been the victims of violence by the residents of the Titi Garage neighborhood. In addition, the center’s security cameras and an exterior door were damaged.  Because of that harassment,  the association closed its headquarters and social service center  as a preventive measure during the week of  July 16-24, 2017.

The location of Cameroon in Africa.

The location of Cameroon in Africa.

Despite this temporary closure and a complaint lodged against one of the assailants, the homophobic pressure continues, but Camfaids is continuing to fight against HIV and defend human rights.

Camfaids reiterated its mission to

  • “Fight HIV among key populations in Cameroon” and
  • Seek an end to all kinds of violence and violations of the rights of the LGBTI populations in Cameroon.

Camfaids reminded the government of Cameroon of its obligations to protect the integrity, dignity and security of all its citizens and to guarantee respect for freedom of association.

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