Poem for Nigerian arrestees: ’42 … forbidden … for too long’

Tom Malanga of New York wrote this poem about the 42 Nigerians arrested last weekend on homosexuality charges:








For too long

Forced to hide

For too long

Forbidden to love

For 42,

A misfortunate place

For 42,

Prayers for


For the rest of us

Fortunately not sitting

Amongst the 42

For it could be me

Or you

For we are all

The 42



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6 thoughts on “Poem for Nigerian arrestees: ’42 … forbidden … for too long’

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    • wait until someone comes for you because you don’t believe or you are not what they consider normal. What if this was your brother, as your ignorance is showing that you are uneducated as to gay people and why. It is at birth, not a choice but then you think science is fucked up if it doesn’t agree with your religious belief’s of your book written by men who claim to be told by God. Are you that gullible and believe everything some preacher or cleric says and writes and claims to be a man of God ?

      At one time in USA, black men weren’t consider men, and had no rights, were slaves to the white man, as it was custom and the law of the land. So did that make it right, and have we evolved and know better today ? Shame on you as you think it is a sin, and you have no idea until you walk in another man’s shoes, or in this situation, in his skin. Let God judge, if you believe the books that quotes God as saying ‘judge not, less ye be judged more harshly” What about this passage you just don’t get or want to believe. Gay people are not harming you or anyone, and if you are not born with this genetic gene, then you can NOT be converted either. If this be true on conversion others to gay lifestyle, then why can’t you be converted, can you ? Shame on those who treat others inhumane, as you will be judge one day, so how will you defend yourself when ask by God why you mistreated one of his creatures ?


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