10 thoughts on “REVIEW IN PROGRESS: “Church leaders plotted attacks”

  1. Hmmm, so church people want to attack people they feel are sinners ??? Wow, so isn’t church a place for sinners, not saints ? And what happen to their teachings of “love thy neighbor as thyself” or “judge not that you be judged, and judged more harshly” ! Hypocrites is what they are, and yes church is a place for them to repent, but don’t think they see it this way. LOL Didn’t Jesus hang out with sinners without criticizing them ?


  2. Good show tough love against them God hates this sin and abomination! And he wants all of us to hate it too!!! The sin!!! Not each other! So its up to u to accept it or not! Bit to be gaycis still wrong!- and unacceptable to God! Its not ok! Keep up the good work! God wants anyone who is gay or a homo or lesbian to be put to death really! Thats a command by God! Theyre all worthy of death for being that way! Leviticus 18-20:13!!


    • I understand the seriousness of the issue. Publishing their names and photo was done with their consent, which they repeatedly gave, explicitly including the names and the photo, after repeated inquiries about whether they were sure that it was what they wanted to do, and whether they had considered the potential danger of doing so.

      They apparently believe that it’s so important to expose the violently homophobic evil within their families and within the Church of Kenya that they are willing to accept whatever additional risk they’re now facing in order to make public the names of the perpetrators and what they’ve done.

      — Colin Stewart, editor/publisher of this blog


  3. I would set alight their church to the ground…you must begin to fight back..yes to violence when in a war of religious evil!


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