Suspected Nigerian gay man allegedly abducted, blackmailed

A Nigerian man, Tochukwu JohnKingsley, is reportedly on the run to save his life after he was allegedly abducted, beaten, blackmailed and described as gay after he failed to pay his abductors a ransom.


Tochukwu JohnKingsley

The incident became public after his Facebook account was apparently hacked and the false post was published there, stating that he is HIV-positive, gay and ready to expose the men who infected him.

People who disagreed with his supposed plans responded by posting a series of vitriolic comments about him.

Other social media platforms soon started sharing the post, which put the young man’s life at further risk.

Johnkingsley later published a Facebook post, disputing the accusations  against him and denying his involvement in the alleged plans.

One person who claimed to have communicated with him said that Johnkingsley was abducted, beaten and blackmailed by his abductors. Their leader was a man who claimed to be in the military.


Tochukwu JohnKingsley’s rejoinder disputing the allegations against him.

The source also hinted that Johnkingley’s Facebook account had been accessed by his abductors, who posted the incriminating story there because as he refused to pay them.

The victim, who hails from Imo State, is reportedly on the run because youths in his community have threatened him.

So far, attempts to reach the victim directly to confirm the authenticity of the story have been unsuccessful.

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