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U.S./Nigerian radio show to tackle ‘God & Gays’

Official poster for the live show

A U.S./Nigerian LGBT-focused online radio show titled “The Real LGBT Lives” is set to explore the complex and controversial issue of homosexuality and God.

Moji Solar-Percy, a U.S.-based Nigerian talk show host, will discuss the issue with the Rev. Jide Macaulay, the gay Nigeria-born founder of House of Rainbow, an LGBT community church with its headquarters in the U.K.

The show, titled “God & Gays,” will explore the following concerns:

The Rev. Jide Macauley

The Rev. Jide Macauley

  • What does God really think of homosexual men and women?
  • Why are religion and homosexuality always at odds?
  • Is the Bible an instrument of truth or a weapon of mass destruction?
  • What does the Bible really say about the LGBTQIA+ person?

The show will be live on Friday, June 16, 2017, at 4 p.m. Eastern Time in the United States (which is 9 p.m. in Nigeria).

Interested persons, especially Nigerians, are encouraged to participate by calling in on the live show via the provided the phone number.  + 1 (646) 200-0386.

To learn more about the show, click HERE.

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One thought on “U.S./Nigerian radio show to tackle ‘God & Gays’

  1. This will not work. God is a myth of man’s making. LGBTQ are real. The religious haters will use this forum to spread their evil lies. U know this. Why work with them?


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