Anti-LGBT group expands from U.S. to Nigeria

Anti-LGBT gathering described by MassResistance as "The core planning group of Nigeria MassResistance. They have big plans!"

Anti-LGBT gathering described by MassResistance as “The core planning group of Nigeria MassResistance. They have big plans!”

The homophobic American anti-LGBT organization MassResistance has opened a branch in Nigeria.

The Massachusetts-based activists, listed as an anti-LGBT hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, spouts the usual anti-gay line, linking pedophilia to homosexuality, claiming that LGBT people endanger children, accusing Western government of spreading homosexuality, and alleging that LGBT people “recruit” children.

The group last month announced “Our newest chapter: Nigeria MassResistance – taking on the battle in Africa,” calling it “The first outside the US (but more to come)!”

The Nigerian leader of MassResistance is Dominic Idio. According to the U.S. group, led by Brian Camenker:

Dominic Idio (Photo courtesy of MassResistance)

Dominic Idio (Photo courtesy of MassResistance)

“A little over a year ago we were contacted by Dominic Idio, a Nigerian activist who had recently written a book called ‘Dimensions of Gay Struggle – an African Perspective.’ The 150-page book analyzes the homosexual agenda in Africa. (It also references MassResistance as an international resource for pro-family citizens!) It’s now in its second edition.  …

“Dominic contacted us for advice and counsel on steps he could take to help stop the radical movement that is trying to change his country and others in Africa. After reading about our successful chapters here and our uniquely uncompromising of confronting the radical agendas in the US, he became convinced that there needed to be a MassResistance chapter in Nigeria. …

“In July, Dominic began organizing. People he talked to were very enthusiastic.  … The first meeting of the core group was on August 14. It was a great success! …

“They have organized as a ‘Civil Society Organization’ (CSO) which has the appropriate leverage for action under Nigerian law, and are planning to set up an office in the city of Abuja.

“They are already working on events to educate the public and grow their numbers, as well as discussions about strategies for activism.”

Nigeria MassResistance logo

Nigeria MassResistance logo

Nigeria is already violently homophobic, so it’s unclear what difference a new anti-LGBT group will make, but the effect won’t be positive.

Mike Daemon, a writer for this blog and the founder of the NoStringsNG website, which serves as a voice for LGBTIQ Nigerians, stated about Idio:

“The bigoted activist claims that the West is pressuring Africa especially Nigeria to accept homosexuality, and outrageously compares homosexuality to pedophilia.

“The hate group and promoters of lies misleadingly describes homosexuals as ‘anti-family forces’. This is completely untrue as it is obviously factual that a whole lot of gay people want to have families of their own, have children, form healthy relationships, and lead peaceful lives.

“Clearly this organization can’t be ‘pro-family’ when all their efforts are fixated on fighting and obstructing people from forming families, and building homes.

“Let’s keep an eye out, as hate is on the way.”

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