Anglicans must fight anti-LGBT abuses they once promoted
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Anglicans must fight anti-LGBT abuses they once promoted

As a lawyer working for the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBT) people in my homeland of Jamaica, I am sadly accustomed to receiving death threats.   However, when a particularly vulgar and graphic email promised to immediately end my life if I didn’t cease speaking out against homophobic abuse, I was … Continue reading

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New W. African interfaith group fights anti-LGBTI bias

Progressive faith leaders and activists from West Africa have joined forces to work to end anti-LGBTI bias in the region and seek “a world governed by respect and dignity.” The new Interfaith Diversity Network of West Africa (IDNoWA) includes members from Nigeria, Togo, Ivory Coast, Ghana and Liberia. The network’s founder and co-chair is Anglo-Nigerian … Continue reading

Petition seeks to bar anti-LGBT pastor from Botswana too

Petition seeks to bar anti-LGBT pastor from Botswana too

Anglo-Nigerian pastor Jide Macauley is urging people to sign a petition by the Botswanan activist group Legabibo that urges the Botswanan government to prevent anti-LGBT preacher Steven Anderson from traveling there. His planned visit to South Africa has already been blocked because of his hate-filled sermons. Macauley wrote: I signed this petition to prevent any … Continue reading

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Intersex rights (often violated) are human rights

The “I” in LGBTI activism is the focus of a new report that spells out what’s at stake in the growing field of intersex advocacy. The freely downloadable document We Are Real: The Growing Movement Advancing the Human Rights of Intersex People from the Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice seeks to “share and promote relevant … Continue reading


Russia: QueerFest 2016 aims to be more inclusive

QueerFest announced: ANNUAL RUSSIAN PRIDE FESTIVAL “QUEERFEST”: SEEING THE INVISIBLE The time has come for the 8th annual pride festival “QueerFest”, which will take place September 15-25 in the streets and venues of St. Petersburg, Russia. The topic of this year’s festival is “Seeing the Invisible”. QueerFest wants to give voice to the groups within … Continue reading

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Comic preview of serious Ugandan human rights case

Today this blog republishes an accurate comic-strip-style presentation of  “The Case Against Scott Lively,” the anti-gay American pastor who is being sued in federal court for human rights abuses. The public is invited to attend (rescheduled) oral arguments in the case starting at 11 a.m. Wednesday,  Nov. 9, at U.S. District Court, Suite 120, 300 State … Continue reading

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Correcting the old wrong ideas about Sodom, Gomorrah

The activist religious organization Soulforce has published a free booklet seeking to de-fang the Biblical tale of Sodom and Gomorrah, which for centuries has been routinely misinterpreted as a condemnation of homosexuality. Titled “Breaking Open: Sodom and Gomorrah,” the publication “goes deep into one of the ‘clobber passages’ in the Bible, which are so named … Continue reading

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Egypt, ‘one of the world’s biggest jailers of gay men’

Widespread official persecution of LGBTI people continues in Egypt, as described  in this excerpt from a Public Radio International article: In much of the Middle East, it’s getting more dangerous to be gay Just after it became known in June that the attacker of Orlando’s Pulse nightclub had pledged allegiance to ISIS, Egypt’s foreign ministry … Continue reading

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Study urges multi-nationals to boost LGBT rights

Multi-national corporations could and should, but often don’t, help improve the lives of LGBT people in countries with anti-LGBT laws, according to a study by the Center for Talent Innovation. In a press release, the organization stated: Study Maps Challenges and Opportunities for Pro-LGBT Companies Operating in Anti-LGBT Markets Study shows multi-national corporations how to … Continue reading