To learn how to prevent and treat HIV/AIDS, check these out

Information on HIV HIV Basics HIV Prevention Protecting Yourself and Others Safer sex and safer drug use Sexual Health and Safer Sex Positive Prevention Safer Drug Use and Harm Reduction Testing to find out if you have HIV HIV Testing and Diagnosis Information primarily for people living with HIV Living with HIV – … Continue reading

Nations with anti-LGBT laws: 49% Christian, 43% Muslim
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Nations with anti-LGBT laws: 49% Christian, 43% Muslim

Many of the world’s 76 countries with anti-homosexuality laws have Muslim majorities, but most are majority-Christian. Of the total, 43 percent (33 countries, in this blog’s tally) have a Muslim majority. Majority-Christian countries account for 49 percent of the total (37 countries). Muslim majority 1 Algeria 2 Egypt 3 Eritrea 4 Ethiopia 5 Gambia 6 … Continue reading


Court to rule on limiting East Africa’s anti-gay laws

Lawyers seeking recognition of the human rights of LGBTI people are scheduled to learn on Sept. 27 whether the Tanzania-based East African Court will take a stand for LGBTI rights by ruling that anti-gay laws such as the Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality Act are unacceptable throughout East Africa. In its East African legal challenge to the Anti-Homosexuality … Continue reading