FAKE: Rescue young victim of anti-LGBTI violence

THIS ARTICLE WAS BASED ON DOCUMENTS THAT, ON INVESTIGATION, APPEAR TO HAVE BEEN FAKED. It has been labeled “FAKE” rather than simply removed from the blog. As a result, any readers who follow links to it will see the “FAKE” label rather than merely receiving an “Oops! That page can’t be found” error message.
— Colin Stewart, editor/publisher of this blog

Rescue young victim of anti-LGBTI violence

Click image to visit the fundraising site.

Brave LGBTI activist/journalist Joe Odero came close to death for challenging violently anti-LGBTI elements in Kenyan society. That made him a target for vicious criminals, powerful politicians and corrupt police officers.

Now he needs your help to find refuge.

In June, friends and allies on and elsewhere contributed money to pay for a kidney transplant that Joe needed after a nearly successful assassination attempt in January.

Joe Odero in the hospital after the attack.

Joe Odero in hospital bed before his kidney transplant

That operation was a success, but his attackers are still seeking his life. In July, they were closing in; they found his city, but not the hospital bed where he was lying unprotected. Joe is now out of the hospital, hiding in a new location.

He needs to move far beyond the reach of Kenyan rifles and machetes. With your support, that will be possible. Without it, his life expectancy will be low.

To keep this courageous young man alive, donate to the Joe Odero Fund, which has been organized by Colin Stewart, editor/publisher of this blog, where Joe’s articles have appeared.

Joe put his life at risk to seek justice for Muhadh Ishmael, starting with the 2015 article “Intersex in Kenya: Held captive, beaten, hacked. Dead.”

The story of what Joe has experienced since then is being told by Joe and Colin in the series “Confronting Hatred.”

Articles published so far in that series include accounts of Ishmael’s murder last December and the January assassination attempt by men seeking to prevent Joe from testifying at the trial of Ishmael’s murderers. Still to come are articles about the  astounding, true, horrifying violence that Joe has faced — his brother attacked and hospitalized, a friend attacked and hospitalized, threats of arson/murder if his family did not disclose Joe’s location, armed men chasing and shooting at the taxi carrying Joe and his lawyer to the trial, and more.

Contribute to the Joe Odero Fund on

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