Unoma reveals the secret lives of LGBT Nigerians

Secret Lives of Lesbian Gay Bisexual, And Trangender Nigerians

Unoma Azuah, a Nigerian human rights activist currently living in the United States, recently launched a book of stories about LGBT Nigerians living in and outside the country.

Titled “Blessed Body,” the book has as its subtitle “The Secret Lives of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Nigerians.”

As described in the book’s introduction, its powerful and compelling stories  challenge many misconceptions that people have about homosexuality — for that it is unAfrican, that it is an illness, that it is immoral.

The book should be compulsory reading for Nigerian legislators and policy makers.

NoStrings conducted an exclusive interview with Unoma Azuah to learn about the new book. On the podcast, she talked about the importance of this book:

“The stories told in this book are mostly true-life stories, and these narratives are particularly important because they are the lived experiences of an oppressed minority group. ”

“It is also a crucial work, because it reveals that LGBT folks are humans as everybody else, and so the book educates people on the true nature of the Nigerian LGBT.”

The book does not just have LGBT people as its target readers. Unoma said:

“Everybody should read this book, it’s an eye opener, and it will hopefully sway Nigerians, especially the Nigerian law- and policy-makers.”

To get the book, please click HERE.
To listen to the full interview, please click HERE

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