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Tunisia: Attack targets LGBTQ activist from Shams

Front Line Defenders reports: Physical attack against LGBTQ rights defender Bouhdid Belhedi Tunisia,  29 April 2016 — On 27 April 2016, a group of three young men brutally assaulted LGBTQ rights defender Bouhdid Belhedi in his hometown of Hammamet, after the group recognized his affiliation to Shams LGBTQ rights association. Bouhdid Belhedi is a defender … Continue reading


Why such silence in Egypt amid anti-LGBTI crackdown? أيضًا بالعربية

Solidarity with Egypt LGBTQ+ today issued a challenge to LGBTI-friendly groups in Egypt, asking why they remain silent about the ongoing anti-LGBTI crackdown there. “We’ve yet to come across any statement or vocal position against this policy from any political party or movement that believes in, and calls for, liberalism and secularism, while supporting our … Continue reading

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LGBTI rights activism: Mostly hidden in Middle East, N. Africa

Public recognition of the human rights of LGBTI people remains rare in the many Middle Eastern and North African countries that still have laws against same-sex intimacy. In most of those countries, even advocacy of those rights is unusual. Such advocacy is mostly underground, online or abroad for Algeria, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Morocco, Syria … Continue reading


Caribbean nations inch their way toward LGBTI rights

Several Caribbean countries with laws against same-sex intimacy are at least discussing the possibility of repealing them. In Belize and Jamaica, those laws are being challenged in court. In Guyana, the prime minister talks about repealing them. In Dominica, the prime minister says they’re not enforced. But sexual minorities suffer from intense social stigma in … Continue reading


Appeal to Bangladesh: Investigate LGBT murders

Human Rights Watch issued this appeal for action in Bangladesh against violence targeting LGBTI people and others whose views irritate Islamist militants: Bangladesh: Investigate LGBT murders The Bangladeshi authorities should immediately investigate the killings of two lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) human rights activists, Human Rights Watch said today. Police found Xulhaz Mannan and … Continue reading

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Appeal for an end to anti-LGBT campaign in Tunisia

A wave of anti-LGBT speech and occasional violence has swept over Tunisia, which may be the only North African country with an officially recognized LGBT organization. That association, Shams (in English, “Sun”), is calling for an end to the homophobic campaign. Shams issued this press release yesterday. It has been modestly edited here: Tunisia is … Continue reading