Cry for help from gay man on the run in Cameroon

A gay man living on streets in Douala, Cameroon, sent a plea for help to attorney Walter Atoh, who is one of only three attorneys in Cameroon who accept LGBTI clients.

Barrister Walter Atoh (Barrister Atoh Walter M. Tchemi, as his name is written in Cameroon)

Barrister Walter Atoh

The message arrived after this blog’s March 2 publication of Atoh’s call for the repeal of Cameroon’s anti-LGBT law, Article 347 bis.

The homeless man was rejected by his family after his homosexuality became known. For his safety, his name is given here only as L.  He was arrested on homosexuality-related charges, was represented by Atoh, was released on bail and then disappeared rather than face the prospect of conviction.

In Cameroon, the penalty for homosexual activity is up to five years in prison.

L. wrote to Atoh seeking help:

“We are tired to be humiliated. I, for example, after my incident I have to run away. All my brothers have rejected me. Am out here sleeping on the street but to no avail.

“People are still avoiding me because am feminine. [I] am very angry with myself at times but nothing can change me. …

“The worst is that am suffering for something I never wish for its just happen the way it is.

“I don’t know where such a feeling came from. So please, sir, help us.”

Atoh, based in Kumba, says that his campaign for the repeal of Article 347 bis is his way of trying to help L. and other sexual minorities in Cameroon.

7 thoughts on “Cry for help from gay man on the run in Cameroon

  1. Hi everyone. Could barrister Walter Atoh launch a crowdfunding campaign on behalf of L. from Douala, so everybody could chip in? We have to do something about it as a community. We have to take some degree of responsibility. This man needs to know other people care! Thank you. Bruno


    • Everyone is a sinner, and people should have the freedom to choose their religion, anyways. The alternative is a backwards, needlessly oppressive society.


      • For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting life (John 3:16)


  2. Just So Much Impress With This Initiative , Advocating For The Less Previlage’s Rigth, Thump Up Barrister.


  3. Jazzyuk, it’s a shame u live in uk a free world for all and make such comment. Where is ur humanity.what do u think Christ will have done with this boy,he will first accept him like he did with the me for help .this boy is from my home ton.


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