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Three cheers for Botswana’s LGBTI-friendly former leader

LeGaBiBo, Botswana’s LGBTI advocacy group, has high praise for Festus Mogae, the country’s former president, for his inspiring advocacy on behalf of the human rights of LGBTI people.


The former President of the Republic of Botswana, Rre. Festus Mogae has over the years initiated his activism on access to HIV prevention, treatment, and care support for criminalised populations that include men who have sex with men. In a recent interview with Africa Renewal dated 15 January 2016 Rre Mogae has reiterated this position by calling on African leaders to be more open minded, informed and embrace differences.

The LGBTI community in Botswana would like to recognise and commend the selfless leadership that Rre Mogae has shown over the years. We appreciate his support for LGBTI community in Africa, in condemning some of the attitudes of African leaders towards homosexuals by affirming that it is a shame and embarrassment for a leader to make hateful public utterances towards fellow human beings let alone pick and chose which sector of the community to protect and or discriminate against.

We would…

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