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Debate over Jamaica’s anti-gay law gets personal

This is activist Maurice Tomlinson’s response to an anti-LGBT letter to the Jamaica Gleaner, in particular the section that raised questions about him and his family.  The letter also suggested that seeking public support for repeal of Jamaica’s “buggery law” is somehow inconsistent with Tomlinson’s belief that “it is nobody’s business what loving gay men … Continue reading

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Amnesty plea: Six men free on bail, but in grave danger

Amnesty International is seeking international support for its plea that six Tunisian students be cleared of homosexuality charges. The organization also seeks an investigation into the students’ reports that they were tortured in prison before being released on bail. Amnesty’s plea is in addition to petitions on and in support of the Tunisian … Continue reading

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Call to action for Tunisia — petitions backing LGBT rights

Shams, the Tunisian LGBT rights group, is seeking support from the international community. Two petitions allow you to provide that support. The first petition below is translated here from the French; it can be signed online on the French or Arabic-language site It was originally published in May 2015, but its importance is greater now, … Continue reading


Stronger voices for LGBT rights in Malawi

By Jack Flanagan The news coming from Malawi may suggest a gradual shift in political opinion about LGBT rights. Recently, Malawian President Peter Mutharika announced through his press secretary Gerald Viola that he “wants gay rights protected,” in an interview on a local radio station. In an interview with BuzzFeed, Viola reiterated Mutharika’s message of … Continue reading

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Here’s why Tunisian LGBT group should not be suspended

Human Rights Watch writes: Dangerous Precedent for Freedom of Association The Tunisian authorities’ decision to suspend the activities of the LGBT rights group Shams is a setback for individual freedoms and equal rights in Tunisia. Shams works on lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender rights. Shams registered with the government’s secretary general in May 2015, as … Continue reading

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Anglicans discipline Episcopalians over same-sex marriage

Leaders of the Anglican Communion have voted to discipline The Episcopal Church of the United States for accepting marriage equality. The decision comes under pressure from anti-gay Anglican leaders of the churches in Nigeria, Uganda and Kenya. However, the anti-Episcopal decision apparently was not strong enough, or taken early enough, for Archbishop Stanley Ntagali from … Continue reading


Russia will vote on jail time for LGBT affection in public

Human Rights Watch researcher Tanya Cooper writes: Dispatches: Jail Time for Being Gay in Russia Russia is again making media headlines for all the wrong reasons. On January 19, parliament will hold the first reading of another abusive homophobic law, which proposes jailing people for public displays of non-heterosexual orientation or gender identity. The bill was first … Continue reading

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Canterbury rally to Anglican leaders: Listen to LGBTI people

African LGBTI activists, church members and their supporters are organizing a trip to Canterbury, England, tomorrow to deliver a message to Anglican Church leaders who are meeting there: Africans urge Anglican primates to listen to LGBTI people Date: Friday 15/01/2016 Time : 1pm-2:30pm Venue: Canterbury Cathedral Cathedral House 11 The Precincts Canterbury CT1 2EH United … Continue reading


Readying U.S. pastor’s trial over anti-gay venom in Uganda

Action in a lawsuit against anti-gay Pastor Scott Lively is expected later this year in the Massachusetts court where Lively is accused of committing a crime against humanity through his promotion of homophobia in Uganda. Frank Mugisha, executive director of Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG), provided this update on the case: Background: SMUG filed a lawsuit … Continue reading