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Commentary: Jamaican activists need to change focus

Jamaica needs to make a wide variety of improvements in its human rights record with regard to its LGBT citizens — which may not be possible if activists focus too much attention on the nation’s buggery law, says Jaevion Nelson, program and advocacy manager at the Jamaican LGBT advocacy organization J-FLAG.  In today’s Jamaica Gleaner, … Continue reading


Queer Collective aims to make an impact in Uganda

Keith King, the founder and creative director of Uganda’s Queer Collective, tells about the new Kampala-based organization, which aims to provide a space where queer artists  in east Africa can come together and share their work locally, nationally, and internationally. The collective, launched in July, is currently fundraising for its first major project, called “I … Continue reading


Gay man frequents Cameroon cybercafe; crowd attacks

A homophobic crowd attacked a Yaoundé resident in a cybercafe last month, the Cameroonian LGBTI activist organization CAMFAIDS reports. After the attack, Emmanuelle Ndjock, the owner of the cybercafe, filed charges against Henry O. of Yaoundé and Elvis T., a visitor to Cameroon, accusing Henry of obscene behavior, seeking prosecution on homosexuality charges and demanding … Continue reading


In rural Uganda, 5 years of successes and challenges

Rainbow Health Foundation is celebrating its fifth anniversary as a champion for LGBTI people in western Uganda, advocating in particular for access to health services. Its history is “a story of humble beginnings, a slow steady start, which soon kicked into gear, propelling it to soaring heights of service provision, fighting stigma and creating a … Continue reading


​On third try, Ukraine passes law against anti-LGBTI bias

Kyiv Post reports: ​ Ukraine finally passes anti-bias law, a prerequisite for visa-free travel to EU In its third attempt, Ukraine’s parliament passed amendments to the Labor Code on Nov. 12 that will end lingering Soviet-era workplace discrimination over sexual orientation, political and religious beliefs. The law, which received the support of 234 lawmakers, was … Continue reading


Ukraine activists, ambivalent allies seek ban on anti-LGBTI bias

LGBTI rights activists have vowed to keep pushing for passage of a Ukrainian law against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. They fell short this week in the Ukrainian parliament, although they amassed more votes than in the previous attempt. Olena Shevchenko, chair of the LGBTI advocacy organization Insight, explains here … Continue reading

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Praise from honored director: ‘She broke the anti-gay wall’

The movie “Magda’s Lesbian Lover” by Nigerian director Elizabeth Funke Obisanya won the prize for best short film at the Black Entertainment Film Fashion Television and Arts (BEFFTA) awards ceremony in London on Oct. 30. Obisanya praised BEFFTA founder Pauline Long for opening the awards to all. “She broke the anti-gay wall that was placed on … Continue reading


Ukraine homophobia blocks visa-free European trips

Foreign Policy magazine analyzes Ukraine’s vote yesterday against closer ties to the European Union and against a ban on anti-LGBTI discrimination. This is an excerpt from the Foreign Policy article: Ukraine Chooses Homophobia Over Europe This spring, Ukraine’s government decided to purge the country of its Soviet past. All through the land, chisels and winches … Continue reading