Nominations open for 2015 Ugandan human rights awards

Ugandan LGBTI and sex worker advocacy organizations are now accepting nominations for their 2015 Human Rights Awards.

Logo of Spectrum Uganda

Logo of Spectrum Uganda

The awards being sponsored by Spectrum Uganda and Youth On Rock, two Ugandan organization that both fight Aids and seek recognition of human rights for LGBTI Ugandans and sex workers.

Deadline for nominations is Nov. 29 via the groups’ Facebook pages, SMS, emails at or, or via a toll-free number in Uganda — 0800100040.

Nominations are being accepted in these categories:

  • Most outstanding male community activist
  • Most outstanding female community activist
  • Most outstanding trans community activist
  • Outstanding community organization
  • Freelance activist
  • Youth on Rock Foundation logo

    Youth on Rock Foundation logo

    Outstanding community mobilizer

  • Outstanding public figure
  • Most inspiring defender
  • Upcoming strong activist
  • Most active social media activist
  • Most active social media page/group
  • Outstanding 2014 community project
  • Most successful event
  • Incredible partner
  • Outstanding service provider
  • Outstanding entertainment group
  • Outstanding hangout
  • Most social activist
  • Most outstanding rural organizing
  • Outstanding campaign
  • Outstanding diaspora supporter
  • Outstanding African LGBTIQ activist
  • Outstanding sex worker organizing

Last year’s award winners were:

  • Dr. Frank Mugisha (Photo courtesy Facebook)

    Dr. Frank Mugisha (Photo courtesy Facebook)

    Most outstanding male activist — Frank Mugisha

  • Most outstanding female activist — Kasha Nabagesera
  • Most outstanding trans activist — Pepe Onziema
  • Outstanding organizations — Spectrum/Icebreakers
  • Freelance activist — Ambrosio Wazabanga
  • Outstanding community mobilizers — Brant Luswata/ Frank Kamya
  • Outstanding public figure —  Adrian Jjuukko
  • Most inspiring — Dr. Stella Nyanzi
  • Upcoming strong activists — Zak Skats/ Richard Lusimbo
  • Most active social media activist — Frank Mugisha
  • Most active social media pages/groups — Spectrum Uganda
  • The cover of Bombastic's first issue.

    The cover of the first issue of Bombastic Magazine, which was named outstanding campaign of  2014.

    Outstanding 2014 community projects — Economic empowerment by Youth on Rock Foundation

  • Most successful event — Pride 2014
  • Incredible partner — HRAPF
  • Outstanding service providers — Marpi Mulago/HRAPF
  • Outstanding entertainment groups — TUK
  • Outstanding hangouts — Ram bar
  • Most social activist — Frank Kamya
  • Most outstanding moment — Pride 2014
  • Outstanding campaign — Launch of Bombastic Magazine
  • Outstanding diaspora supporter — Melanie Nathan

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