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Uganda: Missing the point in 10-year sentence for sodomy

COMMENTARY Several media outlets missed a key fact in their coverage of the 10-year prison sentence imposed Sept. 18 on Chris Mubiru, a former manager of Uganda’s national football (soccer) team, The Cranes. The conviction was for non-consensual sodomy. Mubiru was acquitted of a similar charge in a consensual sexual encounter. Many LGBTI activists hailed … Continue reading

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Why does Germany accept refugees, reject LGBTI activists?

COMMENTARY Why are German embassies denying visa requests from LGBTI activists seeking to take a brief trip to Germany for a workshop on security? [See articles here, here, and here on the repeated invitations of the German activist group HAMIAM to dozens of African activists to attend the seminars. After more than a year of … Continue reading

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German allies clear hurdles, help 3 African LGBTI activists

After many months of frustration, the German activist group Helping a Minority in a Minority (HAMIAM) succeeded in presenting a workshop in Germany that instructed African LGBTI activists about security. Because of the activists’ difficulties in obtaining visas, the seminar from June 19 to 22 in Cologne was attended by only three participants. Further seminars … Continue reading


Tortured in Gambia: LGBTI people, journalists, activists, clergy

In a new report, Human Rights Watch describes the horrors of life in the Gambia, a small West African country whose beautiful beaches are popular with tourists. Victims of torture under the regime of strongman Yahya Jammeh include not only LGBTI people but also journalists, human rights defenders, student leaders, political opposition members and religious … Continue reading

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Church of England to blame for anti-gay Nigeria, Uganda?

The Rev. Richard Kirker protested today that an Erasing 76 Crimes blog post (“Anglicans’ LGBTI schism: Archbishop’s realism or bad idea?”) erred in listing the Church of England among the inclusive churches of the Anglican Communion. Further, he stated, the Church of England is partly to blame for “extreme forms of homophobia in … Uganda and … Continue reading