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Why does Germany accept refugees, reject LGBTI activists?


Logo of Hamiam

Logo of HAMIAM, the German activist group that keeps inviting LGBTI activists to a security seminar, only to have the vast majority of its invitees blocked.

Why are German embassies denying visa requests from LGBTI activists seeking to take a brief trip to Germany for a workshop on security?

[See articles here, here, and here on the repeated invitations of the German activist group HAMIAM to dozens of African activists to attend the seminars. After more than a year of multiple invitations, only three activists have been granted visas to attend.]

It doesn’t make sense.

Especially now.  Germany is open-heartedly accepting refugees from Syria and is expecting to set a record this year of 800,000 applications for asylum overall.

Why are German embassies denying temporary visas to LGBTI activists for fear that a handful will use those visas to seek safety in Germany from their countries’ anti-LGBTI violence?

Is homophobia the reason? Racism? Bureaucratic backwardness?

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