Protesting Jamaicans fear UK leader will push LGBTI rights

Two Jamaican groups opposing LGBTI rights protested yesterday’s arrival of visiting British Prime Minister David Cameron. The protest was a missing opportunity, said LGBTI rights activist Maurice Tomlinson.  He argued that the protesters’ fears about sexuality led them to ignore a high-priority issue: pushing Cameron to help Jamaica recover from past injustices imposed on it … Continue reading


‘Veil of Silence’: When LGBTI Nigerians spoke out

“There is nowhere on Earth where it is right not to defend human rights.” — Trailer for “Veil of Silence” In the latest episode of the No Strings podcasts, Nigerian filmmaker Habeeb Lawal discusses  “Veil of Silence,” his documentary that presented the voices of LGBTI Nigerians shortly before the country’s harsh anti-gay law went into … Continue reading

Africa / Middle East / North Africa

Tunisian justice minister seeks repeal of gay sex ban

Tunisia’s justice minister yesterday called for repeal of the country’s law against male-male sexual relations. Mohamed Salah Ben Aissa said Article 230, which provides for three years in prison for consensual sex between men, is one of several laws that are inconsistent with the country’s new, progressive Constitution. During an interview on the Shems FM … Continue reading

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20 LGBTI-related arrests in Egypt, Indonesia

EGYPT The International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA) reports that police in Egypt are continuing their anti-LGBTI crackdown, which has been under way since 2013.  More than 100 allegedly LGBTI people are victims of this police harassment, which is part of a larger pattern of human rights abuses in Egypt: Egypt: Police … Continue reading

Africa / Faith and religion

Parishioners back Kenyan priest accused of homosexuality

Parishioners at an Anglican church in Kenya have walked out in protest against their bishop’s announcement that he was suspending a popular priest for alleged homosexuality, the Daily Nation reported. For the second week in a row, the Rev. John Njogu Gachau led a service for his supporters under a tree outside what had been … Continue reading

Africa / Middle East / North Africa

Tunisia: Protests against anal exam, sodomy sentence

Human Rights Watch (HRW) and the Tunisian LGBTIQ rights group Without Restrictions today protested the prison sentence and forced anal examination of a Tunisian man charged with sodomy after his telephone number was found on the phone of a murder victim. First, the statement from HRW: Tunisia: One-Year Sentence for Homosexuality Suspect Subjected to Forced … Continue reading


Acquittal, but bad news, in Uganda consensual sex case

Contrary to earlier impressions, no helpful precedent was set by the Sept. 8 acquittal of Ugandan sports celebrity Chris Mubiru in a case involving consensual same-sex relations, a new legal analysis concludes. Mubiru’s acquittal was accompanied by his conviction on Sept. 8 for forced sodomy, which seemed to suggest that Ugandan courts in the future … Continue reading


Lawyers, activists target anti-LGBT bias in Caribbean

Attorneys and activists met this week in Grenada to discuss strategy for litigation and advocacy seeking an end to anti-LGBT discrimination in countries in the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS). This is a press release from United and Strong Inc., Saint Lucia, and GrenCHAP, Grenada, describing the work: Is litigation around the criminalisation and … Continue reading