Warning: Violent homophobe active in Ghana

Doya Dundu (Photo courtesy of the Rev. Jide Macauley via Facebook)

Doya Dundu (Photo courtesy of the Rev. Jide Macauley via Facebook)

Pastor Jide Macauley today issued this warning about an anti-LGBTI criminal in Ghana reportedly using social media to entrap and assault LGBTI people:

“SERIOUS WARNING: There is a Dangerous Homophobe in Town.

“This is Doya Dundu, he is based in Ghana and has promised to terrorise the gay community. He uses Facebook and other social media to track down his victims, strip them naked, assault them with sticks and leather, beat and humiliate them publicly and then post the video online. This MUST STOP. He has used words such as ” we are haunting for gays”; he claimed that Islamic teaching objects to homosexuality; he is motivated by religious violence towards sexual minorities.

“I am posting his photo here, so everyone can be at alert. He claimed that all gays needed to be disciplined and wiped out according to Islam. It is clear that this can cause further fear and mayhem for the already marginalised LGBT communities in Ghana. He is widely supported by many people in the Nima District in Accra. Please kindly share this information with your network.”

Macauley, who emigrated from Nigeria to safety in London, is the founder of the House of Rainbow Fellowship in Nigeria and the United Kingdom.

Dundu’s activity was reported to Facebook, which suspended his account.

But before that happened, a Facebook user stated that, in addition to Macauley: “I have seen video on his Facebook [page of] a guy being stripped and beaten.”

Dundu described himself on Facebook as a Western Union customer service agent living in Accra, Ghana. He also labeled himself there as “The Gay Slayer.”

Doya Dundu (Photo courtesy of the Rev. Jide Macauley via Facebook)

Doya Dundu. (Photo courtesy of the Rev. Jide Macauley via Facebook)

Such criminal activity is frequent in many nations where homosexual behavior is a crime, recently including Cameroon, Uganda and Kenya.

We have same in Delta State, Nigeria. I know the place where they operate,” said one Facebook commenter, “because I am a living witness.”

Another Facebook user stated, “We have guys like that in Nigeria, especially I in Imo state.  They will invite you over, pretend to be gay, strip you naked, take all your stuff you came with like phones, money or any other thing they find valuable.”

Macauley later added:

“A quick update: This case has been reported today to the police in Nima district, Accra, and the police are not wasting time. They have decided to act immediately.

“The victim has also been given a police letter to have his injuries attended for medical evidence. The video evidence has been downloaded and presented to the police. The victim is also in a safe place and is cooperating with police and our colleagues in Ghana.

“We have also been informed that Doya Dundu is not only a violent homophobe, he is also a convicted criminal with a stint of criminal activities including robbery and theft. It is my hope that other victims would also feel safe and bold to come forward so that justice can be served.”


10 thoughts on “Warning: Violent homophobe active in Ghana

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  2. You Mac cow feet or what ever your name is, you call your self a pastor and supporting this abominable act, you are very stupid cuz you are a gay,. Asshole, you faggot. Did God say man should marry man? I wanna slap your dirty black ass face of a mother fucker.. Douch bag!!


  3. Mr. Macaulay
    . ar u supporting the act of homosexual. And ar u an African or still a slave of the colonial masters
    If its their way of leaving is non of our business….we have our culture and they have theirs


  4. I think the pastor is also a gay . parents watch out do send you kids to the Pastore alone and wife’s don’t allow you husband to get close to him both the bible and the Quran speaks bad about this gay act. we in Ghana don’t support it to .


    • Of course he is gay. He’s not trying to lure anyone into homosexuality. He’s trying to protect LGBTI people in Ghana from violence and fraud.
      — Colin Stewart, editor/publisher of this blog


  5. Mcauley, we in Nima support Doya 100% with our lives. Warning: Don’t make a mistake of stepping to Nima or we will beat u till u repent.


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