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22 truly inclusive Jamaican hotels and resorts

Half Moon, A Rock Resort

Half Moon, A Rock Resort

Tourism is Jamaica’s major foreign exchange earner and can therefore be leveraged to assist with LGBTI liberation on the island. However, I support positive provocation instead of a boycott (which would hurt the very people that we seek to help) and I feel that LGBTI tourists and our allies can help the movement by staying at Jamaican Truly Inclusive Hotels & Resorts (J-TIHRS).

CAVEAT: There is NO industry-wide standard by the Jamaica Hotel and Tourism Association (JHTA) for diversity training of staff by its member organizations. Therefore, please note that this list is no guarantee of non-discrimination at any of the properties indicated below. It simply represents hotels where I and my LGBTI friends have never experienced negative responses from staff because of our sexual orientation and/or gender identity/expression (SOGI/E). That said, I would still encourage persons who wish to visit the properties to call or send an email to directly ask the hotels about their approach to SOGI/E non-discrimination. For example, does the property provide mandatory diversity training for all staff?

The J-TIHRs that I recommend are:

Round Hill Hotel

Round Hill Hotel

  1. Half Moon, A Rock Resort (has advertised as LGBTI inclusive)
  2. Round Hill Hotel and Villas (has advertised as LGBTI inclusive)
  3. Tryall Club Resort
  4. Coyaba Beach Resort
  5. Hilton Rose Hall
  6. GoldenEye Hotel and Resort
  7. Trident hotel
  8. GeeJam hotel
  9. Grand Palladium
  10. Mockingbird Hill hotel
  11. Jamaica Inn
  12. The Caves Hotel
  13. Hedonism II Hotel
  14. Couples Resorts
  15. Terra Nova
  16. Liguanea Club
  17. Knutsford Court Hotel
  18. The Courtleigh Hotel
  19. Jamaica Pegasus Hotel
  20. Strawberry Hill
  21. Idle Awhile Resort
  22. Banana Shout Resort

A former head of the JHTA has also advised that all non-couples-specific hotels on the island are accepting of same-gender couples. Further, he states that the all-inclusive hotels are NOT discriminating but are styled for heterosexual couples rather than same-gender couples due to marketing reasons.

Sandals Resorts, which also owns Beaches Resorts, has an official policy of diversity training for their staff, but I strongly discourage persons from visiting because these chains are owned by the same person that controls the Jamaica Observer newspaper. That tabloid is notorious for its savage anti-gay commentary and editorial cartoons, which depict LGBTI people as freaks and/or threats to society.

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