Nigerian podcast: I was outed, jailed, bailed, shunned

African-profile-with-TEXTIn one of the latest episodes of the No Strings podcast,  a young gay man discusses what happened after he was suddenly and dramatically outed.

His story comes from No Strings, which provides a voice for LGBT Nigerians who are often harassed and persecuted by their homophobic fellow citizens and Nigeria’s anti-gay laws.

Teflondon (not real name) was outed by his then lover after an angry display at his lover’s house, then was arrested and held in a cell for several days.

His parents bailed him out, but then began acting distant from him, showing no interest in him and no trust. Ever since then, he has been trying to find his balance again and to understand life from a different perspective.

In this No Strings podcast, Teflondon tells of his struggles, challenges and his family’s constant pressure on him to change. The podcast can be downloaded or streamed.

To provide needed financial support for the No Strings podcast, visit its Indiegogo fundraising page.

For future podcasts, visit the No Strings podcast website.

26 thoughts on “Nigerian podcast: I was outed, jailed, bailed, shunned

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