Lesbians targeted by Ugandan tabloid, Kenyan school

Hello tabloid raises the likelihood of violence and harassment of LGBT Ugandans by publishing a list of local lesbians, alleged lesbians and LGBT allies. (Photo courtesy of Kasha Jacqueline via Facebook)

Hello tabloid raises the likelihood of violence and harassment of LGBT Ugandans by publishing a list of local lesbians, alleged lesbians and LGBT allies. (Photo montage courtesy of Kasha Jacqueline via Facebook)

East African tabloid newspapers returned last week to their hateful tradition of outing alleged and actual LGBT citizens, this time with a front-page article that listed alleged lesbians in Uganda.

The article in the Hello tabloid of May 29 came less than two weeks after a Kenyan tabloid listed that country’s “top” 14 gays and lesbians, and 15 months after a Ugandan tabloid published a similar list of what it called “Uganda’s 200 Top Homos.”

Such articles stir up anti-LGBT feelings and often lead to harassment and violence against alleged LGBT people.  Homophobic landlords have evicted tenants whose names they see in such lists, homophobic parents have disowned children whose names they find listed, and homophobic bosses have fired employees whom the tabloids target.

Front page of Rolling Stone in October 2010.

Front page of Rolling Stone in October 2010.

Ugandan LGBT rights activist David Kato was murdered in January 2011, a few months after the Ugandan tabloid Rolling Stone published his name and photo, among those of many other alleged lesbians and homosexuals, under the heading “Hang Them.”

After the LGBT rights group Sexual Minorities Uganda sued the newspaper, the Ugandan High Court ordered it to stop publishing names of alleged LGBT people and to pay each of three individual plaintiffs (Kato, Kasha Jacqueline, and Pepe Onziema) a fine of 1.5 million Ugandan shillings (about $450.)   Kato was murdered shortly after that verdict was announced.

That verdict did not stop other tabloids from publishing similar lists. It’s a continuing “media witch hunt,” commented Ugandan LGBTI rights activist Kasha, the publisher of Kuchu Times.

Cover of Hello tabloid on May 29, 2015.

Cover of Hello tabloid of Uganda on May 29, 2015.

“This is the very reason why Kuchu Times exists — to counter such hateful media,” she stated.

The latest Hello list included some well-known LGBTI rights activists — Kasha, LGBTI security advocate Sandra Ntebi, and researcher/straight ally Stella Nyanzi — but also many alleged lesbians whose have kept their sexual orientation private and whose safety is jeopardized by this article.

The Hello list came just one day after the tabloid published a sensationalized account of Ugandans’ participation in the Pride festival in Birmingham, England, under the headline “Ugandan Gays Hold Sex Fest in UK.”

Alleged lesbians have been under attack both in Uganda and in Kenya, where  five students were targeted by anti-lesbian school officials. The following account is a summary of a Kuchu Times article:

Kenyan students sue school that expelled them for alleged lesbianism

Five female students were expelled May 18 from their school in Nairobi after they were found asleep in one girl’s dormitory room after a night of partying and book discussions.

The students were suspended on charges of lesbianism on April 8, then expelled on May 18. They have sued the school in the High Court, accusing it of acting without valid reason and seeking readmission on the grounds that their expulsion violated their rights under the Kenyan Basic Education Act and Children Act.

For more information, see articles in Kuchu Times and the Daily Nation.

15 thoughts on “Lesbians targeted by Ugandan tabloid, Kenyan school

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  2. Unfortunately, most progressive Christians in the US are unaware of how the extreme right evangelical preachers are stirring up the flames of hate. In addition to helping widows, and orphans, real Christians need to make others aware of the plight of LGBT people in Uganda, The Gambia, Cameroon, Kenya, and other countries where being LGBT is criminalized.


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  4. What do you think about a court in Australia that has ruled to be critical of published gay marriage Activists Mark Newton and Peter Truong (see vid at is homophobic vilification hate speech, because court has ruled the greater homosexual community is INCLUSIVE of 2 week old baby rapists, and to rag on your baby raping brothers is to citize the whole gay gay community that accepts them? Search Geoff McKee ADB on for the story. He just got inJustice Nancy Henessey who has processed most of the homosexual vilification cases in Australia recused for having private ex-parte meetings with the gay applicant in most of those cases. If you don’t publish this comment I’ll publish that you support pedophilia normalization and push the story to the Hello Tabloid. I know they’d love this.


    • Daer Hojuruku,
      1. Homosexuality is totally different from pedophilia and rape, no matter what you or anyone else says.
      2. My blog is about people who are jailed or killed for their sexual orientation in 76+ countries, not including Australia. Your blog focuses on people who are called names they don’t like because they are intolerant.
      3. I don’t appreciate your threat to publish something untrue if I don’t publish your misleading comment.
      4. I don’t care about any nastiness that you or the Hello tabloid might throw at me.
      — Colin Stewart, editor/publisher of this blog


      • Colin, so you support my father being protected for the crime of being against gay marriage activists Mark Newton and Peter Truong who inspired the Russian people to vote 444-0 in favor of anti-gay activists adopting their children to rape from birth laws? A decent homosexual who is not a pedophile would be on my side against the court that ruled homosexuality is inclusive of pedophilia? You might want to cover my father’s case. It’s a case of gay mafia gangstalking. You seen @gaydads on twitter falsely claiming my father is a pedophile? You support that? Ten bucks he doesn’t want to cover the story because he supports people being persecuted by the gay mafia. What about Tess Corbett being jailed this month for the crime of saying she supports Section 25 of The Victorian Equal opportunity act – who was persecuted by the same gay child sex normalization activist that is going after my father? You love jailing peoples grandmothers for the crime of supporting the law? I take it by your quick reply you haven’t done your homework as instructed and searched my father’s name on this blog to see his submission to what we call THE COURT OF CHILD SEX [NORMALIZATION]. Join us in our crusade against pedophilia, or stand with the pedophile.


      • Dear Hojuruku,

        If your position is that consensual sex between same-sex adults is different from pedophilia, I agree with you. Your position also seems to be that anyone who doesn’t join your cause is your enemy and therefore should be threatened, mischaracterized, and libeled.

        But your cause is not my cause. I did briefly visit the blog you mentioned, found the topic you cited, and determined that it is a complicated issue that’s far different from what I cover. I concluded that devoting more time to it would be detrimental to my work on this blog. I didn’t visit the site because I was “instructed” to do so, nor did I consider it my “homework.” Your attitude is quite offensive, whether I were to agree with your position or not.

        Even this brief response to you takes up time that should be devoted to other things — a statement that is not at all the same as supporting pedophilia or any of the other crimes that you mention. Because they waste my time, I don’t expect to respond to any further abusive comments from you. I will publish the comments I have received so far, because I’m in favor of robust debate, but I expect that I will soon decline to publish further comments if they remain off topic.

        — Colin Stewart, editor/publisher of this blog

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      • Fair enough. Russia is one of your zones. If people are being prosecuted for the crime of critising the men in the very same reason Russian anti-gay pedophile and child indoctrination laws were being made and for debunking ABC who praised them as model gay citizens before their arrest then I thought it would have scope on your blog? Don’t you want your readership to know the real reason Russia made those laws? Not covering this topic makes you look biased. Publishing this last comment of mine gives you more integrity. Something all activists crave. As a gay man you should be outraged a court ruled homosexuality is inclusive of pedophilia.


      • I don’t see evidence of “the real reason Russia made those laws.” My impression is that the “real reason” is that anti-gay Russian politicians believe incorrectly that pedophiles and homosexuals are the same thing.

        And, by the way, I’m heterosexual.

        — Colin Stewart, editor/publisher of this blog



        The first link particularly shows you many Russian reporters are cited saying this is the REAL REASON anti-gay laws were made in Russia. Australia had a “baby overboard” affair to make us xenophobic and hate the “boat people”. And that was a faked news incident as it came out. Nobody can deny Australian/US Gay Marriage activists plead guilty to raping a Russian boy they bought for $5000 USD and the Russian democracy was outraged. I’ll dig up pictures of all the street protests. Did you read what the RUSSIAN CHILDREN’S OMBUDSMAN SAID, or see the links in the – Remember we are being fair and equitable. We don’t censor eachothers comments if we are rebutting eachother with mainstream news links. Gays have been saying it’s homophobic to be critical of gay marriage activists raping babies. It’s nice to see the gay community is kicking NAMBLA out of”pride marches” not accepting them as they did in the 90s.


      • I see in the Putin interview that he assumes that homosexuality and pedophilia are essentially the same, so he defends the Russian law against any positive mention of homosexuality as if it were a law against pedophilia. That’s wrong.

        I know that every category of human being contains some bad apples. As a result, I don’t believe that categories of human beings that include disreputable, criminal elements should be excluded from normal human activities based on that categorization. Prevention and punishment should be based on what’s individually appropriate, case-by-case, not on the basis of category, whether that category has to do with sexual orientation, race, ethnic origin, religion, height, hair color, or whatever.

        — Colin Stewart, editor/publisher of this blog


      • I found a video of a Russian Olympic champion who speaks for all the Russian people when they say the support for the Anti-Gay Marriage Activist BABY RAPIST laws were UNANMOUS Across society – so much so even begged the rest of the world including the gays not to protest the sochi Olympics. The gay child f*** agenda – NAMBLA / Boylovers / Obama had other ideas though and the rest is history, like the Gay movement is in Russia now.


  5. I’m so sorry my father is “intolerant” of published gay marriage activists Mark Newtown and Peter Truong who force their penis into the anus of a 2 week year old Russian baby named Drake, who’s uncensored photo is still used on gay marriage blogs to promote gay marriage. I’m glad you want to see him jailed for homosexual vilification for not respecting the sacred art of gay baby fucking. I’ve screenshotted my original comment and watch out for a blog later about Colin Steward supports gay baby sex and and or has taken too much amil nitrate he can’t read. You of course could wake up and see I’m an anti-pedophile activist. You keep critising RUSSIA for their “HOMOPHBOIC LAWS” made to stop child rape after the Russian Democracy had the same reaction as my father to the incident of Australian Gay Marriage Activists sodomizing their babies. Search Alex Greenwich on the blog – he says it’s homophobic to cut of supply of children to foreign gays after they raped your kid. For me to be just as evil I’d need to rape one of your sons, then come back and ask for more. Pity I’m not gay so it won’t be happening anytime soon.

    Don’t worry I have a big long list with accompanying evidence of @gaydads who broke Australian law to buy babies and exploit 3rd world women for their sex organs. I have a massive list of gay criminals to name and shame. I’ll just add you to the list with Doug Pollard your mate.


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