Kenya moves to appeal courtroom win by LGBTI group



As expected, the government of Kenya has filed notice that it plans to appeal a High Court ruling of April 24 that would open the way to official recognition of LGBTI organizations.

The government has refused to register such organizations on the basis of Kenyan law prohibiting same-sex intimacy.

The April 24 decision came in a case brought by Eric Gitari, executive director of the National Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (NGLHRC).

The grounds for the appeal are not yet clear. The notice only stated that the Non-Governmental Organisations Coordination Board and the Attorney General are “dissatisfied” with the High Court’s decision.

Gitari stated on Facebook: “We have been served. The Appeal is on. The AG is ‘dissatisfied’ with the judgement in petition 440 of 2013. The Constitution protects us all in this country and it shall prevail!!”

5 thoughts on “Kenya moves to appeal courtroom win by LGBTI group

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