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LGBTI news briefs: Russia, Jamaica, Egypt, Nigeria, India, more

News briefs about countries with anti-gay laws, excerpted from the Equal Eyes recap of the world’s LGBTI-related news:

Equal Eyes labeled this photo

Equal Eyes labeled this photo “Obama Shoots Giant Rainbow Out Of His Hand in Jamaica” and states, “Pres. Obama visited Jamaica, the 1st US president to do so 30 years. Departing, he shot a beautiful, giant rainbow at the island nation, proving he has some tricks up his gay wizard sleeve! Caught on camera by White House photog Pete Souza, we guess Obama is okay with his magical powers not being a secret.”

The UN Human Rights Committee has recommended to Russia that it consider the “hate motive” when investigating crimes of possible homophobic or transphobic nature. Lawyer Kseniya Kirichenko said this is of “truly historical significance” as the recommendation acknowledges LGBT people as a “social group” and will potentially enable more effective criminal proceedings in Russia.

World Bank President Jim Young Kim discusses how the Bank is updating “safeguards” for human rights to include LGBT people, including the decision to block a $90 million loan to Uganda following its adoption of the Anti-Homosexuality Act.

Jamaica PLe Premier ministre jamaïcain, Portia Simpson-Miller (Photo de Wikimedia Commons)rime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller (Photo courtesy of Wiki Commons)

Jamaica Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller (Photo courtesy of Wiki Commons)

Jamaica‘s first female prime minister, Portia Simpson-Miller, was interrupted during a speech in New York City by members of Jamaica Anti-Homophobia Stand who protested that the government has insufficiently responded to the recent flux of anti-LGBT violence.

During an official visit by Kyrgyz President Almazbek Atambaev last week, EU leaders sought reassurances over pending new bills seeking to limit the rights of LGBTI people and civil society in general.

The Anglican Communion, the international association of Anglican churches, has raised concerns over the appointment of Nigerian Bishop Dr Josiah Atkins Idowu-Fearon as Secretary General. The Bishop has openly supported anti-gay laws and called the criminalization of homosexuality “good.”

The Egyptian National Council for Human Rights (NCHR) has rejected all UN UPR recommendations on human rights that are considered “incompatible” with Muslim faith. The NCHR is also supporting an administrative court ruling that forbids suspected gay people from entering the country. However, Mohammad Zare, a human rights lawyer and the President of the Arab Organization for Penal Reform, called the court’s ruling unenforceable and said it will only tarnish Egypt’s international image.

Russian ombudsman Alexander Shislov presented his report to St Petersburg’s Legislative Assembly on violence perpetrated on LGBT Russians and expressed concern over “increasing aggression in society.” Meanwhile, a Russian court has authorized the closure of LGBT youth support group “Children-404” for violating the gay propaganda ban.

Poster for the Indian film

Poster for the Indian film “Unfreedom”

From India, gay men reveal the blackmail and abuse they have suffered since the Indian Supreme Court reinstated the ban on gay sex.

Nigerian gay rights activist Aderonke Apata has lost her long struggle for asylum and faces deportation after a UK High Court judge ruled she “fabricated” her sexuality. Several hundred thousand people had signed a petition urging the court to grant her asylum.

India‘s Film Board has banned local film Unfreedoma story of the entwined relationship between religion, violence, sexuality and intolerance. Featuring a lesbian couple, the controversial film will screen in North America.

For more information, read the full edition of Equal Eyes.

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