Tanzania: Trans man, wife arrested on gay-sex charges

Police in Tanzania have arrested a trans man and his female partner on suspicion of violating the Tanzanian law against same-sex intimacy. News of the Jan. 12 arrest, and the couple’s photos, were splashed across the pages of  Uwazi, a local Swahili-language newspaper published by Global Publishers with the headline “Beautiful girls arrested for homosexuality.” … Continue reading

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My clash with a rabidly angry anti-gay Christian

Here’s a distressing look into the sort of violently anti-gay thinking that leads people to imprison, abuse and kill LGBTI people, especially in the world’s most homophobic countries. Don’t read much further if you want to be spared from abusive language. This exchange with Val Ep, a self-described Christian from Uganda, is far beyond what … Continue reading

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Anti-gay Anglicans blast archbishop for friendly chats in U.S.

The idea that anti-gay African Christians could be friends with gay-affirming church leaders in the United States is “offensive,” “unbiblical,” and “a tremendous obstacle,” according to hard-line anti-gay Anglican leaders in Africa. In a letter to Archbishop Bernard Ntahoturi of Burundi, five conservative Anglican leaders last month publicly criticized him for attending a meeting in … Continue reading

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Nigeria: 12 arrests at party; police call it ‘gay wedding’

Sharia police in northern Nigeria have arrested 12 “feminine” young men in the middle of a party that police allege was actually a gathering to celebrate a gay wedding. It wasn’t a marriage ceremony, said 18- to 20-year-old Faruk Maiduguri, whom police accuse of planning to marry 25-year-old Abba Mohammed. ” ‘It was my birthday … Continue reading


Activists want Gambia’s president banned from USA

A coalition of fourteen organisations joined forces to write to President Obama last week requesting the United States hold “President Yahya Jammeh and his associates accountable for their deplorable human rights record,” particularly with regard to LGBT people in the Gambia. Their letter stated: “It is not too late for the United States to send … Continue reading