Report: Gambian arrests of LGBTI now total 16

Gambia President Yahya Jammeh (Photo courtesy of WIki Commons)

Gambian President Yahya Jammeh (Photo courtesy Wiki Commons)

Gambian security forces have arrested even more LGBTI people, reports Fatou Camara, a journalist and former Gambian official who fled to the United States:

  • Right now about 16 are in detention; they have still not been released nor charged.
  • The president’s personal doctor was named by the teenager, [a gay youth who is being taken door-to-door to identify other allegedly gay Gambians,] but security forces let him go.
  • A businessman was named, but he too was let go. This means only poor gays/lesbians are being detained, not fair at all.
  • 8 are on the run in Senegal, 2 in Guinea Bissau.

The security forces of Gambian strongman Yahya Jammeh began their latest round of anti-gay arrests in early November. For details, see the articles below.

Jammeh is virulently homophobic, often referring to LGBTI people as “vermin,”  “satanic,” a threat to population growth, “anti-god, anti-human, and anti-civilization.”

19 thoughts on “Report: Gambian arrests of LGBTI now total 16

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