Gambia: “ungodly” gays “detrimental to human existence”

Bala Garba Jahumpa Foreign Affairs Minister of The Gambia

Bala Garba Jahumpa Foreign Affairs Minister of The Gambia (Courtesy Gambia Affairs)

The Gambian Foreign Affairs minister, Bala Garba Jahumpa, said last night on live TV that there is no chance of any negotiation between Gambia and any other country “on the need for the liberty of homosexuals in The Gambia” even if Gambia would lose international aid.

He vowed not to engage with any ‘ungodly’ gays because they are ‘detrimental to human existence.’

Here is some of Minister Jahumpa’s speech in Gambia Affairs::

We the government and people of The Gambia hereby make it very clear to the Union European and any outside bloc that wants to impose acceptance of homosexuals as a pre-condition for aid that we will never accept that conditionality no matter how much aid is involved…

As from today, we are no longer going to entertain any dialogue on the issue with the European Union… or any other foreign power for that matter…

We will never be a party to such decadence and will never ratify such conventions…

As an independent Muslim country, we will not be tied to any bloc that promotes decadence and ungodly behavior that are not only Satanic, but they are also detrimental to human existence, such as homosexuality; especially when it is used as a pre-condition for receiving aid.  In fact, homosexuality has no place in our African heritage, more so our Islamic values.

He went on to criticize the EU in particular, and to spread fictitious rumours about an Ebola cure:

…we will also work with all Africans to put an end to the mass murder of young Africans and African migrants on European shores with whatever means necessary… If the European Union is really interested in the protection of homosexuals in Africa as a human right,  why are they slaughtering young decent African migrants in their thousands on European soil?

While Africans are dying from Ebola, Europeans that is whites are being cured of Ebola. The message is very clear for even frogs to understand.

This speech comes a week after the UNHCR expressed alarm at reports of a wave of arbitrary arrests and detention of lesbians and gay men in The Gambia.  Gambia’s president Jammeh recently signed into law a new crime of “aggravated homosexuality,” which carries as punishment up to life in prison.  Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have strongly condemned Gambia for the new law and its persecution of LGBTI.


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