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Seethingly angry at anti-gay distortions of Christian teachings

The Rev. Colin Coward, MBE, director of Changing Attitude England, writes on Facebook: I feel incredibly angry today. I’ve been chatting for the last hour and a half with a gay Nigerian friend, a quiet, thoughtful, stable young man who allowed himself to trust a ‘friend’ who invited him to a café this morning. It … Continue reading

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Greeting the Pope, European official urges him to speak up

Christian Today reports: A top member of the European Parliament [on Nov. 25] handed over a symbolic gift to Pope Francis – a rainbow-patterned scarf. Ulrike Lunacek, head of delegation of the Austrian Green party, said she offered the Pope the present “for gays, lesbians, and for peace” during the European Parliament meeting in Strasbourg … Continue reading


Asia-Pacific: Inadequate funds for HIV help for gays

The Jakarta Post in Indonesia, reported yesterday on the recent report by the World Health Organisation that urges nations to put key populations at the heart of their HIV/AIDS response.  In the article, an activist comments there is inadequate financial resources allocated by most countries in the Asia-Pacific region. While this article does refer to MSM, it … Continue reading

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Two gay men executed by the Islamic State in Syria

The portal, based in Morocco, reported today that the jihadist organization Islamic State, on Tuesday, November 25th, conducted the stoning of two young gays in Syria. reports that: “The Syrian Human Rights Observer, an organization close to the opposition Syrian regime based in London, reported the execution on Tuesday of two suspected homosexuals by the Islamic … Continue reading