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19 calamities where gays get the blame, besides Ebola

Now that some conservative Christians are blaming gays for the Ebola epidemic — with no rational reason, as usual — it’s a good time for a recap of other calamities that LGBTI people have been blamed for. More than a dozen natural disasters are on the list, each one interpreted as God’s violent response to … Continue reading


Ugandan court dismisses case against activist Sam Ganafa

A Ugandan court has dismissed criminal charges against high-profile LGBTI rights activist Samuel K. Ganafa. Ganafa, executive director of the LGBTI rights group Spectrum Uganda Initiatives, and three colleagues had been charged with “unnatural offenses,” a crime that is punishable by as much as a life sentence. Ganafa, who also serves as board chair for … Continue reading

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Sex, youth and politics in Algeria

By Pierre Daum, journalist. Originally published in Le Monde Diplomatique, republished here with permission of the author. Homosexuality, or “social death” At first glance, as Latifa said, a lesbian I met in Oran, “the lives of homosexuals are much more simple and joyful in Algeria.” Indeed, in this society where everyone lives partitioned between same … Continue reading


Uganda strategy joins gay rights to women’s rights, health

Amnesty International is pushing for an end to repression in Uganda through a welcome strategy of including LGBTI rights issues in the context of that overall  human rights violations, abuse of women, and limitations on freedom of assembly and access to health services. It’s a strategy that aims to avoid the misinterpretation that seeking LGBTI … Continue reading


2 LGBTI defendants win their freedom in Uganda

A Ugandan judge has dismissed homosexuality-related charges against two LGBTI defendants who had been forced to appear in court four times since their arrest in January. Each time the case was adjourned after the  prosecution failed to produce any witnesses against them. Again today, no prosecution witnesses appeared in court. But this time Magistrate Lilian … Continue reading