Supporters chip in to save sight of battered trans Ugandan

Hush ("Mich") Ainebyona

Hush (“Mich”) Ainebyona

With support from a group of friends, activists and journalists, a Ugandan trans woman is scheduled for surgery tomorrow (Sept. 29) to treat her eyesight, which has been failing since she suffered a transphobic attack two years ago in Kampala, Uganda.

The story of that attack on Hush (also known as Mich or Mish) appeared in this blog in 2012 in the article “For assaulted LGBT, Uganda medical care must be anonymous.” It also appeared in the longer article “A Day In Kampala” by journalist Andy Kopsa and human rights activist Clare Byarugaba. Last year, it appeared in the book “From Wrongs to Gay Rights.”

A total of $7,148 was contributed toward her medical care through an appeal on

In the days before her eye surgery, she wrote to supporters:

Dear Friends,

Let me take this opportunity to say a Special THANK YOU and much felt appreciation to each and every one of you for your kindness and contributing so generously to our fundraiser for my relocation and the process of restoring my eye sight.

Its been a tough process and a very sad one for me, losing my eyesight to homophobic individuals who didn’t know any better than to choose hate over tolerance, love and acceptance.

However, I am beyond words how I can express my gratitude to each one of you. Your love, kindness and support has allowed me an opportunity and a chance to be able to see again. I am so excited.

My surgery is set to be done on Monday the 29th September 2014 at International Hospital Kampala at 2 pm .

It is so close and am so excited and looking forward to seeing again.  I have been overwhelmed by your show of love, kindness and care to me. …

My excitement has been made possible by the efforts of each and every one of you. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! and believe me when I say I CANNOT WAIT!

I shall keep updating all of you on the surgery and recovery process.


To read Hush’s story, including her personal background, difficult family life, self-discovery, rape, assault, life on the streets and sex work, see the blog article “Seeking to save the eyesight of battered trans Ugandan.”

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